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Song of the day: Arctic Monkeys did it again

Hello kidos,

So yesterday I just took the day out to selfishly indulge in the new Arctic Monkeys‘ album AM– you can stream the full thing on Itunes¬†before it gets released 10th September. I haven’t written about the new singles until now because, well it’s not like you don’t know about them already. But such greatness cannot be ignored. After a whole day of listening I think this 5th album may turn into my favourite.

The Monkeys were always one step ahead and execute it all so bloody well from day one. Strength to strength the whole of England has watch them grow and adored them. Somewhat representing an entire age group’s culture movement for a country is no small task to put on a band yet they have never buckled. The sound is getting darker, more alluring, more flirtatious while stepping back at the perfect moment to make you want to listen it again and again and again. Alex’s lyrics are spot on, his falsetto very impressive and the entire sound tight as a tick. The influences are growing as their confidence does and the sound matures into perfection.

Here is their latest video for the third single – Why do you only call me when you’re high?

My favourite is right at the end “Alex band guy”


Song of the day: Falsetting around

Hello kids,

So I really thought I had this covered but after a quick check looks like I had forgotten to give you out another biggy of this year. So the iconic indie band Arctic Monkeys released just one wonderful single this year. R U Mine? There was a lot of of oooh and aaahing about Alex’s comeback with an even more deep, powerful and dark voice but even more so about Matt Helders’ newly found ability to do a fabulously high falsetto.

If those wonderful sounds make you wanting more well the good news is that we know they are busy recording their 5th album thanks to¬†Matt’ mum who tweeted: “I don’t know if it helps to clear things up but lads are in the desert!”. As only a rock star mom would. So now we wait patiently for next years album.

Thanks mum.