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Song of the day: Dream to sleep out in the dark

Hello kids,

So let’s wake you up on Monday with some rocking psychedelic music. Pond is the name of the Australian band – and when I say band I mean just a collaboration of different people throwing what they can at different times in a large musical, well, pond. If the dreamy elements remind you of a certain shoe-gazing Tame Impala – then you would have a sharp ear – cause 2 or 3 of their members have been contributing.

Here is the first single, Giant Tortoise, off their new album Hobo Rocket released last month. The lyrics, in true Tame Impala style, are hard to decipher and brief – but who cares when you have such rocking guitars.



Song of the day: Push the sky away

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And so let’s feature someone! Today I feature my birthday song recommendation by my most respected musical friend Marco. This man makes me feel like I don’t know music. In a good way. Any who he sent me the title single from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. And luckily he did. I must admit that although the name rang several bells I had never done my homework and properly listened to them.

Well turns out its a rather big Australian band to skip. Push The Sky Away which was just released mid-Feb is their 15th album, and Nick’s 21st album (he was previously part of The Boys Next Door). I love the album cover.

Nick cave


The title track is very interesting. Firstly because its the most calm and sombre ‘call to action’ song I have heard in a while. Secondly because you really feel a lot of empty space in the music. I was trying to understand what that came from, then I realized there was no guitar. Turn out Mick Harvey, one of the founding members and guitarist, did not take part in this album. And this effect causes a lot of ‘air’ in the music.

Go ahead and have a listen: Push the Sky Away


The final verdict: to be honest I am not sure if it’s my style. But I try to push the limits of my musical taste and I always take a Marco-recommended album seriously.


Song of the day: Everything we touch turns into gold

Goooood Monday Morning,

Yes I know its hard. So just to ease you into the week I’m going to give you a very easily pleasurable tune. The very best of electro pop.

kate boy

So the name is Kate Boy and its a fun simple summation. You have Australian singer-songwriter Kate Akhurst + Swedish production trio Rocket Boy = voila, Kate Boy . And together they managed to do something quite impressive. A sound that is commercially pleasing yet complex, deep and yet very effective. Kate’s voice is at first introduced with some deep beats to get you going, then slowly a more and more complex mix gets added. And it continues, Kate having a turn, then the mix and slowly merging into one. And it builds till the end switching between sharp cutting sounds to bring the song to an end. Beautiful.

There is something upbeat yet calm. Something simple yet glamorous about it.
And with all the press it has gotten it seems they are indeed turning into gold.

Here is Northern Lights:

Their debut EP came out in Sweden last week released by IAMSOUND, and next is the UK on 11 Mar. But we hope to hear a lot more from them soon.

Song of the day: Your’s trojan is in my head

Hello kidos,

So back to some easy listening indie sound. This is a happy clappy pop indie band for you. Their name is Atlas Genius and they are a four piece band from Australia. So they did things a bit backward, they decided to build the studio to record the songs first before making the songs. They wanted to have a safe happy place to that they could nurture their songs.

And it worked. In 2011 their first single Trojan (love to see the google search for trojans on this one) and it became an instant hit.

And it’s easy to hear why. When asked for their influences Keith, on guitars and vocals, named Indie band 101 Death Cab for Cutie as a big one and specifically called out Ben Gibbard’s lyrics as inspiration. Death Cab being my very own first introduction to indie music, I cannot help but completely agree. I use to sit with CD covers and read song word by word and be amazed at Ben’s poetry. They also name Phoenix (another popular easy accessible door into indie), The Police, The Beatles and Beck as influences. And I think in Trojan you clearly hear the Ben Gibbardy lyrics and the Phoenix guitars and beat.

So they are busy getting ready for their album release on the 19th of February so let’s wish them all the best of luck.

Take a picture you can never recreate


Song of the day: You turned my sorrow into silk

Talent, charm and brains. This girl has got it all. Her name is Giselle (Rosselli). She is from Australia and she has a voice of an angel. Being brought up with artistic parents she had a go at studying mathematics at university but then gave up to write and perform her own music. And thank goodness she did.

Up until now she has only released a few singles, one of which (They Stay Down Deep) was featured on Skins and helped her gain attention. But the one that made me discover her is Silk which was released in April this year. Her voice is enchanting here.

Then I found this live video and I was even more impressed:

That’s raw talent. Let’s hope an album follows soon.

Song of the day: You know you lift me up dancing

Hello music lovers,

Well let’s continue on with the theme of bands I should have covered by now, are also bands that I probably should have heard of. I just fell upon this lovely songs by the Van She from Australia. Looks like the band has been happily releasing albums since 2005 and been associated with some pretty big names (such as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) as well as have done plenty of remixes. Yet well this song is the first I catch of them.

The electropop synth filled tune caught my ear, so here it is: Idea of Happiness

I’m all for the male g-string Jesus looking protagonist, so much so that I’ll forgive him (difficulty) for replacing a curly-haired brunette for a blonde bimbo (it was a tough call really). She does have an eye patch after all. And shops at Spar. That’s juts not right.