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My Way In: Introducing Cotton Mount

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Following from the last My Way In post – as promised I am dedicating this post to tell you about the band that I am now managing.

Cotton mount

So first of all who are they?
Well to be short and practical about it we have:
Daniel Minten (bass, trumpet, viola)
Pierre Schilling (drums)
Thibault Zanoni (guitars)
Igor Varidel (vocals, guitars)

Four really down-to-earth yet opinionated creative guys, very different yet complementary, who made me feel comfortable with their sincerity and excited by their dedication to their music.


What’s their sound?
Dark, raw vocals beautifully juxtaposed onto light and complex instrumental to create a perfect unique melancholy indie sound.

The genre?
Well if you absolutely have to put them in a box then probably it would be indie rock/alternative

Their musical influences?
This is a difficult answer to get without causing a band fight but they finally agreed on the (kinda) communal: Radiohead (yes I know, but you’ll hear it), Pink Floyd and Bashung.

Where are they from?
Geneva. That’s right – Geneva has an indie band. Hard to believe, but true. And because of the scarcity of this sound (but also left-of-centre mindset) in this commercially dominated glitzy city – music was their much-needed self-prescribed Prozac in some way.

Their story?
The guys have been playing together for over 10 years. They have experimented with many different genres and different band formations. Finally things got serious in 2011 as they found themselves on the same new unique sound and the same complete determination to dedicate themselves to music and to each other. And since things have picked up at quite a speed.

Something that made me laugh?
When they first started playing they use to play KORN covers and spent a good portion of their rebellious teenage years vandalizing their school and public places by carving the word UROK everywhere –  their band name back then. UROK you ask? Well it’s KORN spelt backward with the N flipped over. Obviously.

Big News?
After gaining support from founders of Le Chat Noir andL’Usine and sound engineer Renaud Millet-Lacombe Cotton Mount have recorded their début album Still Life. The concert for the launch of album will be on the 27 April at Le Chat Noir – I will see you there.

More Concerts?
11 April at Vernier, Salle des Fêtes du Lignon, more INFO
16 May at La Gravière, Genève (with Technicolor Orchestra)
Many more to come

Like the sound of it?
Well feel free to favourite our Website  which connects you to all platforms,
Like us on Facebook  to be updated with our latest news
Stream us on Bandcamp or Soundcloud
And watch the teaser video on Youtube

What’s next?
We are organizing more concerts in Switzerland but also all over Europe including the UK, the digital and then physical release of the album (fingers crossed) and who knows and indie label deal?


Song of the day: Do you feel left behind, like there is something not right

Goooood Monday Morning,

Ok so today I give you no stranger to Song of the Day Everything Everything. I mentioned in late December they would be releasing their second album Arc in January….well they did. And I have been selfishly enjoying it for quite a few weeks now.

I thought I’d give you another single on top of Kemosabe (which is still my favourite). The obvious choice would be to give you Cough Cough the first single. But I am going to opt for a more chilled and lovely build up of Duet so I can prove they can vary their sound as well.

So here it is:

But of all the dead volcanos on Earth you just happened to retch
And roll
Through mine


Song of the day: Your’s trojan is in my head

Hello kidos,

So back to some easy listening indie sound. This is a happy clappy pop indie band for you. Their name is Atlas Genius and they are a four piece band from Australia. So they did things a bit backward, they decided to build the studio to record the songs first before making the songs. They wanted to have a safe happy place to that they could nurture their songs.

And it worked. In 2011 their first single Trojan (love to see the google search for trojans on this one) and it became an instant hit.

And it’s easy to hear why. When asked for their influences Keith, on guitars and vocals, named Indie band 101 Death Cab for Cutie as a big one and specifically called out Ben Gibbard’s lyrics as inspiration. Death Cab being my very own first introduction to indie music, I cannot help but completely agree. I use to sit with CD covers and read song word by word and be amazed at Ben’s poetry. They also name Phoenix (another popular easy accessible door into indie), The Police, The Beatles and Beck as influences. And I think in Trojan you clearly hear the Ben Gibbardy lyrics and the Phoenix guitars and beat.

So they are busy getting ready for their album release on the 19th of February so let’s wish them all the best of luck.

Take a picture you can never recreate


Song of the day: Do you have Legs Like Tree Trunks?

Hello kids,

Sorry for the late post, we are still recovering from last night’s awesome CITIZENS! concert. We will be bringing you a review shortly so I won’t ruin it but let’s just say it was a great way to celebrate one year of LIBERATION!

Now onto today, as you know its Featured Friday and actually we have a very special feature. It’s our first official band promotion request. Actually no, there was someone else who approached us, but let’s say they wouldn’t have liked my review. And my mommy always said, if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say it (she didn’t actually say that, but apparently that’s what moms say).

Anywho, the lovely Matt from mathy indie rock band Legs Like Tree Trunks all the way from Pennsylvania, wrote to us to check out his music and see if we like it. And so I’ve been doing a good 2 weeks digestion and I can tell you they are rather freaking awesome.  They just finished a new record with producer Karl Petersen and its it’s called Future Reference. So just like me you can hear the whole thing on their bandcamp or they are even so kind as to let you download it here for free (how nice is that)! There have a guitar dominated sound (which they sometimes even play in piano type role) with a beautiful lucid drawn out voice connecting each song from start to finish, and I heard different band influences on each song.

On my favourite Snowflake there’s a little Arctic Monkey meets Vampire Weekend and towards the end there’s even Friendly Fires. But let’s stop comparing there are their own band after all with their own sound. I love the repeated guitar sessions and there’s something very raw and whining about the vocals in a good kinda raw and whining way (yes that actually exists). And you can’t help and sway from side to side when they sing do you remember when the moon fell through the sky followed by some aaaahhhing and ooooying and some great clapping. And that contrast between distinct erratic guitar but fluid feel makes it a lovely little single which ends with and added electro-space feel.

So why don’t I just shut up and you listen to it.

So let’s wish them the best as they are busy negotiating with labels and hopefully we will hear more from them soon. Also if you like them, Matt’s younger brother is in an excellent band from Philadelphia called Little Pirouettes. They just released an EP called Weed Debts and although with their individual sound, let’s say you can hear they are related.  They are going on tour together in January.

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

Song of the day: Things so wonderful that I have never known

Dear kids,

Today I give you a lovely little Brighton band called Tall Ships. They have been around for a few years and finally started getting a lot of attention end of last year.

The reason is probably that they are made for patient listeners, if you a person to skip next after 10 second of a song you will completely miss out on their 2 minutes in secret beauty.

I like them because they are so rich in sound and lyrics. They change it up drastically, starting with slow calming music and then increasing the tempo signficantly and having and intense guitar and bass intricate partnership with loads of lovely drumming. Only to transform to a high energy tambourine inffected happy clappy ending.

The lyrics are also fantastic poetry.  I like the way they do a lot of natural metaphors to describe love.

So how bout you have a good patient listen then to Vessels

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

Song of the day: There's been a lot of talk of love

Hello kids,

So I hope you are enjoying The XX. So after the rave about the girl guy voice partnership I give you another band that does similar and that is also very close to my heart.
We are talking about the brilliant Stars from Canada. Not only do they have the girl-guy duo going but I discovered them at the same time as the debut album of The XX so they will always be joined together in my memories of my 5 months in Rome.

Those of you who were there from the start will remember that I gave out Your Ex-Lover is Dead as one of the first song of the days. Then I also gave you something from their brilliant 5th album The Five Ghosts,  He Dream’s He’s awake.

I am happy to announce they have a new fantastic album called The North. And there are several tunes I want to share with you. Let me start with Hold on When You Get Love and Let Go When You Get It

I know it’s slightly corny but I do adore the chorus:

Take the weakest thing in you
And then beat the bastards with it
And always hold on when you get love,
So you can let go when you give it

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day