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Song of the day: Show me why you’re strong, Ignore everybody else, We’re alone now

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Hello kids,

So here is some more dreamy electro music stuck between upbeat and calm; his name is James Blake. You should all know this British singer-songwriter from his very popular single off his first album Limit to your Love as well as the duo he did with Bon Iver which I gave out a while back: Fall Creek Boys (check out that video if you can).

Anyways so he has released a very soulful first single Retrograde on Monday off his new album Overgrown which will be out 8 April. So keep an ear out for that. The magic is still there – the music forces you to bounce to it, even if its rather slow.

You got to love the type of horn buzzing synth sound to exaggerate the build up toward the end and then the drop. Also the ratio of machine sounds to voice is starting to sway towards voice as the artist gains confidence – great to see.

You go at it James!


Song of the day: Wanna Know Ah Ah Ah

Hello songers,

So enough of this catching up thing, let’s give you some new talent today. His name is Dan Croll. Luckily for us, this close-to-pro rugby player got hit hard enough that he had to quit and turn to music instead. So off he went to Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) where he got all types of recognition including the approval of the founder Sir Paul McCartney  As one does. But not that we should get hyped about that, Dan never was a huge Beatles Fan he prefers Bon Iver. Did I mention I love this guy.

Dan Croll

Although very much British there is something Scandinavian about his press photos and also a bit of the Perks of Being a Walflower. So anyways his single and first EP From Nowhere got all types of attention as well as several remixes.

But that was sooooo September 2012. Here is a newer single (Nov 2012 yo!) and my favourite so far, Wanna Know, as it’s on the more electro side of his electro folk.

You cant help but thrust your neck back and forth to that Ah Ah AH.


Song of the day: Moody Mondays

Hello kids,

So I know it’s a Monday and you are feeling moody. So to match it I’m giving you moody music. Their name is Polica, or Poliça to be completely correct.  And the sound reminds me of a broody morning awakening.

So what’s the deal with the name? Well apparently Polica means policy in Polish, but the group is from Minnesota. So apparently it refers to their work ethic…so ya.

More interestingly, this band caught my ear when I heard Justin Vernon (aka my obsession) from Bon Iver said that: “They’re the best band I’ve ever heard“. That ladies and gentlemen, is a pretty f*cking huge compliment to get, just after he won Best New Artist last year at the Grammys. And the enthusiasm seems to have been shared by fellow band member of Bon Iver, Mike Noyce, who is featured on their single Lay Your Cards Out.

There’s something hypnotizing about this black and white video with repeating lyrics and instrumental.

Song of the day: In your eyes, babe

Hello there kids,

Yes well I’m sorry this is late, but now that I no longer have the routine of a 9 to 5 job the song of the day will need to come at all unpredictable time of the day. No longer can I do reliable morning delivery. But hey it will keep you guessing when the joy will arrive. So that’s positive too right?

Anyways so following yesterday’s trend of bands I assumed I would have covered by now but realize with shock horror that I am yet to cover is Tallest Man on Earth. Now although Kristian Matsson is dangerously close to what people could call country sounding music (and we all know I hate country), he falls firmly on the folk side (and we love folk). He also toured with Bon Iver which obviously gives him a non negotiable YES PLEASE. And he is Swedish, and we all know the Swedes are just simply awesome at Indie (Miike Snow, Lykke Li, Jose Gonzales).

The special thing about Tallest Man on Earth is just how incredibly linked and intertwined his voice and his guitar are. He is famous for writing, producing and recoding most of his songs all by himself. So go Kristian!

Here is the famous and charming The Gardener,

Now isn’t that pretty.


Song of the day is back from holiday

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Hello kids

So I am back with your daily tunes. And as promised I come bearing gifts.

As you (should) know I was off to Poland for the Heineken Open’er Festival. You can read about my full experience on a day by day, blow by blow review right here:

Day 1: The Kills, Yeasayer, Bjork, New Order
Day 2: Bon Iver and Justice
Day 3: Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, M83
Day 4: Mumford & Sons, Bat for Lashes, The XX, SBTRKT

Of course during my music trip I found some new inspiring tunes and artists.

So here is the first of this, Major Lazer. The music project by two DJs: Diplo and Switch. They mix all type of funky beats and genres together. Unfortunately I did not manage to get to see them in the highly packed schedule but I just can’t get enough of this song.

It’s called Get Free.

I’ll be dealing with my inbox now – enjoy

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

Festival Review: Heineken Open'er // Gdynia, Poland // 5 July 2012 // Day 2: Bon Iver and Justice

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Thursday was a day I had been looking forward too for a long time. I finally got to see what must be one of my top 5 artist my dear old Bonnie Bear.

You all should be aware of my admiration for Bon Iver and Justin Vernon – the only man to beat all my insomnia. There is something so completely indescribably pure, genuine and touching to his music that makes all else stop when I listen to it. And of course with such high expectations it’s difficult to be satisfied by a performance. But more than blown away I was. Bon Iver’s self titled new album is more complex than the first and this means he no longer performance just by himself (as he started off with) or with his 1-3 accomplices (Sean Carey who approached him after a show and volunteered his services, Michael Noyce his old guitar student and Matthew McCaughan who he met on tour with The Rosebuds) as later on but with a full fledge band of about 8-10 people with him.

I think this was very fitting considering he was on the main stage of at least 60k people concert at prime time. The stage was set with cloth falling from the ceiling creating an earthy feel.

But the earth I left when he started singing. I had tears in my eyes during the whole concert and down my cheeks they rolled during the piano intense Wash. (my favourite).  The most striking thing about his voice is his range: he can sing as deep as a bear (Hinnom, TX) and then as high as a 5 year old girl (Holocene) all with perfect pitch and enchanting tone.  It amazes me how he can enter the heart of everyone in the crowd and make you feel like that performance is just for you while you are surrounded by thousands of people. The only thing that confused me is why he decided the perform what can only be a big mistake of a Phil Collins feel Beth/Rest. But hey that’s long forgiven/forgotten.

As he left the stage for the first time the whole crowd went crazy in demand for his most famous single Skinny Love. Not only did he return to play this but he followed it with the almighty build up of Wolves (Act I and II). Before he started he tought the crowd the closing refrain of What might have been lost and encouraged us to sing along. And as the calm song started nice and slow and started to grow we all waited for our time to chip in. Under his guidance we started softly and repeated the refrain louder and louder and louder until the whole sky shook with music and the song broke. And that is how he left us.

The man is my muse. And he will always be. And when I was lifted on shoulders to see the entire crowd, there was no doubt that he had not calmly, beautifully touched the sea of people all around me for as far as I could see.

I cannot wait to go see him in a dedicated concert in Lyon on the 30th of July. I think it’s an understatement to say that I recommend it to all. It’s a crime that there are still tickets.

Then what a contrast as we got ready to rock for Justice. What newspaper reported as the most anticipated act of the festival.

And of course they lived up to it. They jammed the entire stage. We all jumped like maniacs, got caught in numerous marsh pits, and generally destroyed our feet (thank goodness for the Wellies). One word about marsh pits in Poland. Wanna be cool teenagers often create a small circle of space and then push and force it out to a huge size. They then walk around trying to look impressive while we are all squished back and when the music breaks into a big beat everyone (read guys) goes nuts and jumps into it. I don’t know if it’s a Polish thing – but it’s the first that I had seen of it. check it out yourself (you want to pay attention at 1:50 when the whole circle breaks):

Anyways the lighting was incredible – same set up as in Paris. However I must say that although the atmosphere of some odd 60k people jumping to the music could not be beat, musically they were not on the level of Paris.

I think it was their first time in Poland and I guess they did not expect the audience to be at the same electro music pallet level of the Frenchies. Their set in Paris was made for their hard-core fans – that could easily digest two to three of their songs playing on top of each other for the entire set. Here the mixes were more simple and clean, the tunes more digestible. Of course I enjoyed it but it left me wanting more after the stellar of a performance I had experience in Paris a few months back.

Song of the day: I wanna make your smoke and kisses

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Hello everyone,

It is PALEO TICKETS DAY! I hope you are all prepared.

Unfortunately I have not been able to go through all the recommended artist from the line up yet – not enough time.
But my recommendations would be:

Tuesday: Franz Ferndinand + M83 (got my fingers crossed for a good “invité surprise”)
Wednesday: The Cure, Justice, Bon Iver, Miles Kane, Other Lives, BOY
Saturday: Bloc Party, The Kooks, The Kills

So let’s get onto our next featured artist: Miles Kane.

Miles Kane solo work only started at the very end of 2010 but he has been around for a while. Namely as part of The Rascales and The Last Shadow Puppets.
I have already featured him and his wonderful Come Closer  single a while back.

And today I give you Rearrange.