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Song of the day: It's alarming honestly how charming she can be

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Hello kids,

So onto the next artist I saw at Hackney Weekend. The controversial big lipped Lana Del Rey. I have already written about the drama about her. I have already given you by far my favourite (but not well known) song Radio.

And now I am happy to present the truth to you: SHE CAN SING.

There are some videos of her on youtube which my friends kept telling me about that she is a bad singer. Well keep your videos to yourself – I saw her live and she can.

To be fair the poor doll is either terrified or extremely shy and in the beginning she was being drowned out by the instruments. And then the sound was not completely clear – kind of a smudgy sound.

But as time passed and the Barbie relaxed, or the sound engineers made the correct adjustment, her voice really came out.
Especially when she added some fancy spontaneous twirls to the song to really show off the power of her voice.

THE GIRL CAN SING. And its wasn’t playback.

So that myth busted.

Here is Carmen. And a very Lana Del Rey type video.

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day


Song of the day: Claire all to sore for sound

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Hello kids,

So one day before the Paleo tickets are going to come out – I remind you: THEY WILL SELL OUT IN MINUTES.
So as pre-work go on the site and make sure you set up your account so you are ready to roll.
Then book your calendar.

So today’s featured artist also playing on Wednesday (along with The Cure, Justice and Other Lives) is Bon Iver.

Now if you have been on this mailing list even for a short while he should be no stranger to you.
He is among my favourite artists and I have featured many of songs: Skinny Love, Re:Stacks, Blood Bank, Michicant, Fall Creek Boys and even his remake of Love More (highly recommended)I also wrote a very long blog about him.

Today I feature the very piano heavy beauty that is Wash. (if you can watch the video)

Those repeated chords banged lightly (love the oxymoron) on the piano makes me think of a sledge in snow. I don’t know why.
But even on top of the piano, why this is one of my favourite songs is because his voice really comes through on this.

As true fan not only will I be seeing him on Open’er Festival in Poland but I also bought tickets to seem him in Lyon.
If you truly love an artist you will not be satisfied by simply seeing them at a festival, you want a full dedicated performance and evening.

So if you are interested, get your tickets here, Lyon is a just a 2 hour drive away:

Lastly If you need another reason to go watch him I give you this masterpiece mix session: