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Song of the day: Merry Mas!

Hello kids,

So hope you are feeling festive by now. So let me give you another alternative to those cheesy carols and then I promised I’m done for another year – with the Christmas carols, not the bloging (sorry). So along with the XX another obsession you may have realized by now is Passion Pit. I love their albums, their remixes of other artists and remixes of their song. Pretty much, its like a musical butter – you add it to anything and it just get better.

So they released this Christmasy song last year called All These Trees. It’s rather cute.

Then if you want a real laugh I came across Adam Horne, a musician that did pretend covers of classic Christmas tunes as if he were popular indie bands such as Bon Iver, the xx, Mumford & Sons, Gorillaz etc. Have a look at this.

Now I just need to get through New Years. At least I got this awesome tshirts from my older brother to make it worth all this forced merryness.

Music T-shirts Christmas GiftsMerry Mas


Song of the day: It’s Christmas (kinda)

Hello Song of the Dayers,

Its Christmas, or nearly. Not sure when you celebrate it, today or tomorrow or not at all. And apart from the marvellous The XX Christmas single that I gave you just last week, I have been keeping another secret for today.

Sufjan Stevens (also known as the poet of indie) has done a wonderful and extensive (5 EPs 42 songs!) Christmas box set. It has everything from your common carols to some originals he has created. As I previously mentioned I’m really not a fan of Christmas music but every now and again you got to give in and get into the mood – and I will allow this indie Christmas songs for a whole 24 hours a year.

So if your family force you to put it on how bout you just talk them into streaming the full album here.

If its not your style then I also found this great top 10 list by Diffuser.

Stay festive and carol on.

Song of the day: The XX XMas

Hello kids,

So you may think that I am obsessed with the XX and talk too much about them. You would be right, and to prove a point here’s another post about them.

But people, come on, is there anything this band can’t do superbly? Yesterday the recorded a Christmas tune in the BBC Radio 1 live lounge and made it sound like the hippest and newest tune. I mean I’m not even a fan of Christmas jingles. In fact I am an anti-fan but this is just a FANTASTIC cover.

Now I know what you are thinking – The XX + Christmas carol = really? Well don’t worry in true XX style they picked the most appropriate song they could Last Christmas – which is all about vulnerability and heartbreak. Now that sounds exactly like the XX. And then they put loads of heavy synthiser and whispery singing and BINGO. You get the XX sound.

It’s just so great hurry up and listen to it


Now if only the shops could be playing this instead of those horrendously happy-clappy-shoot-me-garbage.

Song of the day: What are we doing? Bitching.

Hello kids,

So today I give you Cat Power, you may have remember from the start of this year, I went to watch her in concert in Geneva and gave out  Living in barsWell the strong feline is back with a wonderful album this year called Sun (which is also a great song by Caribou).

I was… surprised…when I saw her. She has staccato stage moves, an inconsistent presence and even left the stage for a good 20 minutes in the middle of the set while people lightly strummed instruments and we all waited in confused impatience. A bizarre character she might be but you also see the music come out from underneath her. And this album proves that drug addiction or not she’s still got it.

Here is the wonderful Ruin, that piano intro and repetition is SO effective. The song is about people in rich countries being so incredibly prone to complaining about small things when there are people who hardly have anything to eat in poorer countries.  Unfortunately this is something that has been repeated so many times it has lost its impact on people. But it still hits me when she mentions Soweto which is in South Africa – a country I lived in for 13 years. Now living again in Europe I am amazed by the level of bitching and the contagiousness of this illness. There is something beautiful you can learn from African happiness. I think very few European laughs from the same depth or gives themselves such freedom to enjoy every moment. African laughter can sometimes be more beautiful than songs.

So don’t bitch, it’s the last work week before Christmas anyways.