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Song of the day: On/Hot/On/Chip

Hello songers,

Well its quite cool when a great band does a cover of a greater band and it doesnt sound like the same song + monkey bashing a tambourine. Well that is the case this morning. Both previously featured On an On did a cover of Hot Chip‘s song And I Was  A Boy From School.

They just through in some more electro (as if Hot Chip was lacking some) and juggled some Maracas (no tambourine – it’s in the detail) and tah dah. I know the formula doesn’t sound great but I really like the outcome. So just listen already.


Song of the day: Two versions are better than one

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Hello kids,

So this Monday Morning I know exactly how to get you in a good mood. I know we are all excited about Daft Punk coming back after 8 years of a wait and you know that here at MasMusic we have been a fan of Daughter since the very start.

Well lil miss did a lovely cover of Get Lucky and I’m playing it on repeat.

And that’s how you gently groove on a Monday.