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Song of the day: Husbands won’t let you down

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Hello kids,

wooooohooooooo it’s the weekend! And if you are in London, how bout you celebrate with me tonight at St George’s Tavern where I will be DJing – my debut in London! Slightly nervous because people actually realize what music and DJs are here.

So since it’s Featured Fridays – here is a song I’ll definitely be featuring tonight. This a beautiful find of last night – they are called Husbands. And all I know is from Marseilles and it seems to be made of three guys. Otherwise there is not much on the net and their name doesn’t make it easy to google them (especially in combination with the song name).

None the less Let Me Down (don’t) is fabulous. So here it is:

See you later for a jam.



Song of the day: You giving me the coldest stare

Hello kids,

So today’s artist I have been meaning to give you for ages, and every time I did something got in the way. So finally I am getting to it. Aaron Jerome goes by the name SBTRKT (subtract) not to be confused with MSTKRFT (mastercraft). Although his name is just a copy cat – his music is far from it. This incredibly different and complex sound I have never heard anywhere.

First he was well known for his remixes of alternative songs but then things exploded when mid 2011 Young Turks released his self-titled debut album. No looking back from then and for good reasons. Although Aaron is doing what he can for the fame not go to him personally but to his music by wearing ceremonial masks which he has become famous for.


I had trouble deciding which song to give you as they are all so different and contrasting. So here is Hold On.

But then me the favour of listening to the start of Pharaohs and then skip to 2:17. That build up is PRICELESS.

Song of the day: Mojo My Mofo

Hello kids,

Well big thank you for those of you who came last night it was really fun to DJ again. So as it is Featured Friday today I am giving you a track I featured last night in my DJ set that got every body jumping. It’s also featured cause I got several lovely music lovers recommending me this band.

His name is Parov Stelar when he performs solo as a DJ or Parov Stelar Band when well, its pretty self explanatory.  They are a huge deal in Austria and for good reasons. His electroswing music, well it just makes you want to GROOOVE. And last night this song exploded on the dance floor (as always I was probably the most energetic of the crowd but oh well).

Here is The Mojo Radio Gang

The only question I ask myself is WHY or WHY is this song not longer – this deserves at least 6 minutes.

Also it’s quite similar to Caravan Palace I gave out the other day, so if his eight albums leave you wanting more go check them out also.

Song of the day: Tonight is a party

Hello kids,

So for those of you who live in Geneva how bout popping over to Cirkus bar after work tonight for a jam or 10 – where I will kindly be DJing as a guest under my old project Indie Nation. You can find out more about the event here.

So you may remember my previous awe and admiration for the new Labyrinth Ear. Well they still havent given me a much anticipated album but they did do a lovely remix of a Morning Parade song which I will definitely jamming to tonight.

Here is Under the Stars

See you tonight


Song of the day: See you tonight

Hello kids,

So this is going to be SOTD express version as I am working my little DJ ass off to give you the best set for tonight.
(WOAAH new found respect DJs this is WORK if you want to do it properly)
Tonight? I hear you say. WHAT! You somehow missed this?
Well I better see you there. And I will be playing, among a million great tunes, this little gem

The Magician remix of Hollywood by RAC. Two artists that just fit each other like a glove – now all I am waiting for is a RAC remix of The Magician)

See you tonight, it’s going to be MMAAAAASSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIIIVEEEEE.

oh yes I went there.

Song of the day: The founder of FAT big beats

Hi kids,

So as much as I try bring you up to speed with the new indie tunes, and remind you of where they come from,
sometimes I need to pause and pay homage to breakthrough classics who shaped music as we know it today.

One of those key influencers is Norman Cook alias Fatboy Slim. Cook was on the forefront of the big beat DJ explosions of the 90s.
You all know his songs, you all know his crazy videos (Praise You and Weapons of Choice winning video awards for good reasons).
But after last night’s London 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony where he took over that huge Octopus (which Bloc Party teasingly claimed was homage to their new single on their FB page) and brought down the house at the young ripe age of 50 – you got to show the man respect. He still has faaaat beats.

So let’s do it with his smash hit The Rockafeller Skank.


I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

Song of the day: warm up to Saturday night's event

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Helllooooo kids!

Well I must be honest I am getting quite excited for our big event on Saturday.
Of course I am talking the blow up even that will be The Liberation by Indie Nation. Back to our favourite spot Cirkus Bar this Saturday night from 22h.

So why don’t you enjoy the day in Caves Ouvertes and then when you feeling sunny, tipsy and in a good groove mood – keep the good feeling by coming to jam to our favourite beats.
Of course there will be some awesome song of the day past tunes featured (of course filtered for feet tappers, hips swingers, body movers) and some brand new gems.

And so just to give you a taste – here is something given to me just the other day (props to Jean) which I have a strong suspicion is going to make the cut tonight as I create the ultimate setlist.

However DO NOT pay attention to the name Don’t Move by Phantogram

If you have requests you want me to remix in my set – send in your entries today (on the FB page) – I’ll try see if I can mix some of your jams in!

Keeping you groovy

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day