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My Way In: I have a band

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Continuing on from the previous My Way In posts:

The 31st of October was my last day at work. What a day. So I organized a week-long trip to London mid-November to go test out the waters and figure out the best way to break into the music industry. Luckily since I had publicized my plan, several lovely friends helped me out and put me in contact with people to speak to in London.

The conversation with these music contacts all went a little along the lines of: Do you realize

– That this is an incredibly tough industry – yes
– Artist management is possibly the hardest job in the industry to get – great
– It is going to take you 3-6 months to get an internship/job – yes
– They will not pay you – fantastic
– Finally when you get a proper job they will pay you close to nothing – pasta all the way
– You will work crazy hours – sleep when you dead

Are you sure you are up for this? hell yes!
Ok then you need to:

– Sign up to the following newsletters – done already
– Read the following books – ticked
– Order the following directory – being shipped to me as we speak
(all info on recommended material for the music industry is in this post)

Oh ok you are actually serious about this? Yes.
And then you win the trust. And people really start to help you because they realize you are not another flaky person who wants to work in the industry but has no idea what they are getting into. Their advice was: 1. move to London as fast as you can so you can be on the ground to network 2. Find a band to manage.

So I laugh – find a band to manage? How exactly do you do that? But I promise to try when I move to London.

And back to Geneva I go, thinking about planning my move. Three days later a friend invites me to go watch his band in concert. I have other plans but my lovely friend Eva agrees to go with me after our dinner. So off we go. They play and we have a good time – and we are about to leave when another band gets on stage. They play one song – and my mouth drops. They are brilliant.

I turn to Eva and say – I should ask them if they have a manager. We both laugh. They continue to play and at the last song I have tears in my eyes. So after the concert I go speak to the singer. I tell him I am looking for a band to manage and to move to London. He is interested. Turns out this hugely talented band made up of four, 20 something, wonderful guys – don’t have a label or a manager. And they are in the mist of recording an album. I arrange to meet them 3 days later at a bar.

We chat.
We drink beer.
One week back from London and I have a band.
I am a band manager.
They are called Cotton Mount.
(more about them in the next post but for now I ask for a simple like on FB pretty please)
They rock.

And so does the fact that you prepare yourself for this tough journey when you follow your heart. You are scared like crazy to jump.  But then you do, and you wait for the hard fall. But actually you find yourself flying. And people will positively surprise you with just how much support and cheering they will do for you. And you realize that all those lame clichés about chasing your passion are true: fortune really favours the brave.