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Song of the day: There’s a lot you need to share on the phone

Hello songers,

Well a lil while ago I told you about the fabulous find that was Husbands. I have listened to their self titled EP about a hundred times since then and I am still impressed. I just cant wait for them to release more music or for them to gain the respect they deserve. In the meanwhile today I saw a video about the over use of cellphones in our lives and it made me think of their aptly named song: You, Me, Celephones.

This cheeky song has now released a cheeky video to go with it. What more can you ask than synchronised swimming and bold typography.

The french really do electro best.


Song of the day: On/Hot/On/Chip

Hello songers,

Well its quite cool when a great band does a cover of a greater band and it doesnt sound like the same song + monkey bashing a tambourine. Well that is the case this morning. Both previously featured On an On did a cover of Hot Chip‘s song And I Was  A Boy From School.

They just through in some more electro (as if Hot Chip was lacking some) and juggled some Maracas (no tambourine – it’s in the detail) and tah dah. I know the formula doesn’t sound great but I really like the outcome. So just listen already.

Song of the day: I dance like an ill fit

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Hello kids,

I’m keeping it rather simple today. The british band is called Wave Machines. They are indie rock mix with some electro – reminds me of Hot Chip. It’s glitchy and great.

The song I like is Ill Fit.

And there you go.

Song of the day: All this searching for something that’s not real

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Hello kids,

Well its MOOOONNNDAAAYY so I want to give you something to be happy about but unfortunately my Monday crush is rather sad. Sad lyrics although the instrumental is rather uplifting. I like that contrast. He goes by the name of Sohn and he is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. He use to live in London but now has moved to a quiet part of Vienna. This shift of going from high energy to calm environments also comes out in his music. Or at least it sound good to say it does.

I am stuck on his debut single Wheel. I love the staccato sharp cutting sounds which draws you into beautiful melodic swooning with dramatic lyrics (I died a week ago, there’s nothing left) accompanied by wonderful electro beats. It’s beautifully sad. So have a listen

It’s a mix of Tunng meets James Blake on anti-depressants.

Song of the day: I am the Queen of Sheba

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Hello kids,

So today I am going to share with you a lovely little find that I featured in my DJ set the other day. I found it on this awesome French site called Le Tournesdisque. It’s a wonderful very straight forward site to find new flavours in a very simple and no frills curated way(as in click and play).

So the lovely discovery comes from A Rainmaker, a new French five piece electro band that formed in 2011. They are just in the beginning of their career but I really hope to hear more from them soon cause I am addicted to their first EP, specifically Anchor.

You really hear the musical rain dance in this one. The French just do electro too well.

Song of the day: You made me glow

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Good Monday Morning,

So as you know I wrote extensively about my time at The Great Escape. However there was SO much talent that I missed I am now going to report some more bands that I heard wonderful things about but did not manage to watch. We start from a band coming out of  Brighton itself called Iyes. I heard soooo much about them since I left the festival – I really feel like I missed out. The girl guy duo specialize in this new electro indie space that I have been reporting a lot about. Think CHVRCHES. That’s the sound bracket.

So here is a lovely little single Glow 

I wish them all the best on their journey.


Song of the day: M and the Danish version of O

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Hello kidos,

I’m busy sucking in every fantastic minute of The Great Escape right now but I scheduled this post so that you will not be songless on this Featured Friday. We are featuring someone that I will be watching tonight and am very excited about. Her name is  and apparently its Danish for virgin. Which is good to know. What’s more interesting is that she reminds me of the great Grimes with a little more warmth. Soulful electro one might call it. Who would have thought that would exist.

Here is her first proper single release Pilgrim