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Song of the day: Introducing Rudi Bakken

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Hello kids,

Well today is Featured Fridays so let’s get on and feature someone. Today, I am going a little bit out of my comfort zone or taste because I listened to this and I was intrigued. It was submitted to me by Rudi Bakken from Norway who is releasing his first solo release.

This is alternative pop I guess, which is not my preference but I guess the accordion and trumpet got me.

So have a listen to Union Square and let’s wish Ruddi all the best.


Song of the day: Belgium loving

Hello kids,

So today is Featured Fridays. Where I either feature a lovely artist that wrote to me or a lovely song recommendation from one you readers. Today’s feature comes from no stronger, none other than Belgium bouncing Dries. He has really opened my eyes to how such a small country has produced such a huge amount of musical talent.

Here is another great example of this – Trixie Whitley. To be fair although born in Ghent it seems she is rather a citizen of the world then truly a beer brewing Belgium  From the age of nine not only did she split her time between Belgium and New York she also started touring the whole of Europe at age 11 either performing theatre, DJing or dancing.

Whatever she is – she is multi-talented and hugely soulful. You hear her wrench her heart out in this love declaration of a song: Need your love.

Would love to hear recommendations from you – what song is stuck on repeat in your player?


Song of the day: Featuring Timshel

Hello songers,


It’s Featured Fridays and today I am very excited to share with you Timshel. Markus of the indie pop family Timshel from Vaasa in Finland wrote to me to share with me their music. So I am happily featuring them here so you may love it too.

So let’s tell you about them: Their sound is said to be American folk music with more modern indiepop and rock. Now I know that sounds like everything and anything, but classifying music is always a drag. What’s more interesting is why they refer to themselves as a family and not a band. That is because the members are currently spread out in 4 cities and 2 countries, which means that the set-ups change from show to show and they often have guest musicians and friends supporting them. That means that you never know the set up when coming to a Timshel show, and every show is different from the other.

Well that’s a pretty cool way of looking at it right? Yes I know what some of you are thinking – but that’s cheating! Then what is the true Timshel? And what if you want to hear exactly what’s in the recording? And how does that work practically? And who is actually in the band? And blah blah blah….Well if you are getting your panties in a twist, you must have been one of those annoying teacher’s pet who wanted to have a clear answer to everything so you could get it all right. Just take a chill pill.

I really appreciate that they love music so much, they find ways to make it work past logistical barriers and share it with people close to them who share the same appreciation for music, as often as possible. And cool people come along to watch it.

Right now they are planning to start recording their début album in the fall, and I cant wait to hear it. For now if you are Scandinavia  look out for them because they are planning a mini tour.

Here is one of my favourites: It Will Be Around

If you enjoyed that have a look here for more music or their Facebook and Bandcamp.

Onnea/Lycka till boys!

Song of the day: it’s magic

Hello kids,

Big thank you to everyone who made it out last night. It was really fun to party with you. So we are back to our Featured Fridays. Today I feature a tune recommended to me by Nikos who has given us many great hits.

It’s flows beautifully from yesterday’s post cause it’s another Magician remix and I featured it last night in my set.

Here is Happiness by Sam Sparro, the Magician Remix.

Have a lovely weekend,
Jam you monday.


Song of the day: Tell me about the thing you can't control

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Hi everyone,

What an experience was last night. I hope there were several of you rockers at Caribana Festival last night. I’m going again tonight for Lou Reed (of The Velvet Underground). I have not seen the Swiss crowd so excited in a while. I will write the full review about last night shortly and send to you. But if you can come join in tonight!

For now let’s do Featured Friday in a bit different way – who was featured last night.

I was highly surprise and impressed by Revolver – the Parisian band that was playing at the festival.
I had listened to one of their songs before and they had seemed good.

But I was not ready for just amazing how this band was live. They gave everything and more to the audience last night.
They are a mix of folk, pop, rock, wonderful harmonies, even some Simon & Garfunkel. Yet all three members praise Radiohead as their godly band.

Unfortunately this band is just not the same on the album as they are live. You will never quite get hold of their beauty on the album.
This is why it’s so great to discover bands live.

Here is Let’s Get Together

Enjoy your wet weekend

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

Song of the day: Mash and Potatoes

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Hello kids,

So guess what it is back to Feature Friday. And today I feature again my favourite Puki Potato.  And we even have a double treat for you – as they fit quite nicely together.

His first suggestion was Cloud Control and their  awesome There’s nothing in the water we can’t fight

This Australian band needs further compliments than to mention some of the bands they have toured with: Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend, Temper Trap and Local Natives. That’s enough for me to know they are awesome.

Then his second suggestion is from The Lumineers and their single Ho Hey. The comment that was made is that there is a common note and style between the two and I can’t disagree. However this American band are more on the folk spectrum of Cloud Control’s alternative rock. They have not yet toured with such impressive artists – but since they only released their first self-titled album a little over a month ago – I think they have big things to come. So keep an eye out for them.

Enjoy the jams


I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

Song of the day: No need to change me cause nothing's gonna save me

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Hello kids,

Thank you so much for all you rainproof fans who came and supported us last night.
We had lots of fun – and after the howls for one more song at 1h30 – we hope you did to.
Let us know what you liked and what you want more of. We will back with another Liberation night on the 12th of May.

So of course since it is Friday we will Feature a generous donor. Today we have Beaming Ben. He submitted the very cool alternative rock Belgium band called Ghinzu.

Here is Take it Easy:

This song particularly sounds so much like the Strokes. You hear it?

Enjoy your weekend,