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Song of the day: Forever

Hello kids,

So today I give you a very dream pop, indie rock, shoegazer type band. Their name is DIIV, changed from Dive out of respect for Dirk Ivens and the original Dive.

So I found this band by accident when I went to watch Digitalism at For Noise Festival. While waiting for the band to start we also visited the other two smaller stages (rooms) to see who else was playing.
We stumbled onto this New Yorkers and were hypnotize from the first song. They were cramped up on the back corner of the room, while we all pushed to get inside and away from the rain.
And as the contrast in temperature fogged out the place we slowly bounced to the acid noises.

They also had some fantastic video montage of all weird and trippy images that was projected on top of their rocking bodies, jiving back and forth to the music. It was a wonderful atmosphere.

There’s a bit of Beach House in there, a lot of Tame Impala and Animal Collective , and some Toro Y Moi and Best Coast, and on their purely instrumental songs they had some of the power of Explosions in the Sky. All bands I expect you to know by now.

So they have only been together for a year now but we are very excited at the new sounds they are creating.  Their debut album Oshin came out last June.
Check out the one that stood out for me when I saw them performing: How Long Have You Known

Also I would recommend to see them live, because the recordings do no justice to how fantastic they are when they perform.

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day


Song of the day: Will you be jamming in the forest tonight?

Dear Songers,

So tonight is another great opportunity to go to the For Noise festival.
There is none other than German Digitalism.
These guys were in the forefront of blurring indie rock music with indie rock. Similar to the Klaxons or LCD Soundsystem.
I’ve already given you their best songs: Pogo and Circles.

Today I give you Stratosphere

Hope to see you tonight dancing in the forest nearby. Buy your ticket here.

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

Song of the day: Still there must be a more elegant solution

Hello kids,

So remember how I talked about the awesome festival that starting tonight called For Noise.
Well it gets even better, I have 2 tickets for you, selling at a special price for fans of song of the day. So just contact me if you are interested.

So if you want another reason to go tonight. There is also Of Montreal playing. They have been playing since 1997 and so were at the forefront of the indie pop revolution.
Its bright, its happy, it’s got some psychedelic touches and in later stages some fun with synth.

Here is a great single from their latest album that came out earlier this year called Paralytic Stalks, only their 11th album!

Spiteful Intervention

I love the wooooohoooooo part. Weird and wonderful.

It’s fucking sad that we need a tragedy to occur
To gain a fresh perspective in our lives

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

Song of the day: For Noise Festival starting tomorrow

Hello kids,

Sorry for my absence I was sick. Back I am to give you the wonderful news that from tomorrow there is one of the best festivals you cannot miss out on.
It’s called For Noise and it’s in Lausanne-Pully. And not only has the festival had great line ups three years in a row, nor the fact that it was the first ever concert/festival I went to after 2 weeks of arriving in Geneva but it’s the coolest venue ever. The festival is in the middle of a FOREST. You will see the best bands in a very intimate setting surrounded by trees.

How much cooler can it really get?

So let’s start with some of the lineup of tomorrow. It’s the already featured Feist. You should know her hugely popular 1234.

Here is  My Moon My Man

And then as an extra here is the remix by none other than Grizzly Bear (who’s new album in on my to do list).

So buy tickets and go watch it all live

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day