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Song of the day: Every Night I Ask Myself – Am I Loving Enough

Hello songers,

So you kids with really good memories will remember that a long time ago I introduced you to Local Natives by giving you Airplanes off their 2009 Gorilla Manor. Well the indie rock band from LA  often compared to Fleet Foxes and Grizzly Bear finally decided (after loosing bassist Andy Hamm in 2011) to come back and record another album. So Hummingbird was released last month.

But there was not only the loss of a band member to get through but also the mournful loss of lead vocalist Kelcey Ayer’s mother who passed away last summer. Hence the album has replaced its careless, young and happy sounds of their first album with a darker more broody album. All still wonderfully original and powerful. Some credit for sure is to go to The National’s Aaron Dessner who offered to help both produce and write some of the material after they had toured together. You can hear the help of another iconic band Arcade Fire who they also toured with – especially in Breakers.

The most powerful and heart wrenching song which has been highly praised is Colombia.

The day after I had counted down all of your breaths, 
Down until there
Were none, were none, were none, were none. 
A hummingbird crashed right in front of me 
And I understood all it did for us 
You gave and gave and gave and gave

Every night I ask myself, 
Am I giving enough? 
Am I?


Song of the day: Old Madness with New Crazy

Hello kids,

So today I bring you a very special duo:

On my left you have David Byrne, British musician who moved to the States and became the principal songwriter, lead vocalist and guitarist of the ultra famous iconic band: The Talking Heads. At the forefront of introducing the New Wave era to America, they became one of the most important bands of the 80s. Since The Talking Heads ended in 1991 David has been doing some solo work. He is also a writer and worked in film and photography. So pretty impressive

On my right I have Annie Clark better known as St Vincent. She started her career as part of the touring band of Sufjan Stevens so that immediately owned her some brownie points. Then in 2007 she released her début album and has released 2 others since then all very well received  She is recognized for her happy/mad song-writing and her ability to play six different instruments. She has worked an toured with many big indie bands including Arcade Fire, Andrew Bird, Death Cab for Cutie and Grizzly Bear.

And then you put it all together and you get Love this Giant. After their meeting in 2009 the two stars were asked to do a collaborationist performance accompanied by a brass band. Well they worked so well together they found they could finish each other singing sentences and decided to do a whole album which they released last year September. And how happy I am that they did.

Everyone has been shouting that they are the dream pairing. And I think it’s true because they both have this wonderful off-center thing about them. David Byrne was a symbol of making cookyness cool and being unashamedly weird and he recognized and respected St Vincent’s oddness for it. And that translates in a type of music that you love but have no idea where to place or how to categorize. And most of the time those are the most beautiful things. But not only did they use their similarities to their advantage but used their differences to create an incredibly rich yet unsettling type of sound.

How bout I just shut up and let you listen to Who.

And please do watch the video. Those dance moves made my day.


Song of the day: Pack your bags, let's go

Dear song of the dayers,

Today I give you something a little different. Her name is Tina Dico and she is a big deal in Denmark.
The singer songwriter has now released eight albums this year, but however it took her collaboration with Zero 7 for me to come across her.

Zero 7 are a British duo that started in studio engineering but later gave us four fantastic albums, as well some fantastic remixes.

Their latest remix of Tina Dico’s Moon to Let has gotten positive attention reporting Zero 7 success in taking a happy ballady Coldplay kinda of easily digestible song,
and turned into something spectacular. I can do nothing else but agree. If I had listened only to the original I would have never given it a second lesson,
however I cannot stop playing the remix.

As they so beautifully merge electro/dub step with a ballad it was compared to the Boyz Noize Remix of Feist’s My Moon My Man (you may remember the Grizzly Bear Remix I gave you last week).

Anyways enough talking, get listening. The breaking point is at about 2:24 – that is some hot stuff.

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

Song of the day: For Noise Festival starting tomorrow

Hello kids,

Sorry for my absence I was sick. Back I am to give you the wonderful news that from tomorrow there is one of the best festivals you cannot miss out on.
It’s called For Noise and it’s in Lausanne-Pully. And not only has the festival had great line ups three years in a row, nor the fact that it was the first ever concert/festival I went to after 2 weeks of arriving in Geneva but it’s the coolest venue ever. The festival is in the middle of a FOREST. You will see the best bands in a very intimate setting surrounded by trees.

How much cooler can it really get?

So let’s start with some of the lineup of tomorrow. It’s the already featured Feist. You should know her hugely popular 1234.

Here is  My Moon My Man

And then as an extra here is the remix by none other than Grizzly Bear (who’s new album in on my to do list).

So buy tickets and go watch it all live

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day