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Song of the day: I’m wasting my young years

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Hello kids,

It’s monday morning – how was your weekend? I was at The XX Night + Day and it was fab, thanks for asking. The day started with a nice little surprise London Grammar. The cinematic, haunting pop trio has been dubbed as nicer version of The XX you can take home to meet the parents. I personally wouldn’t mind taking the XX home, but I get the idea. And I also get why the XX would have invited them to their event.

There are similarities in the feeling, but in no ways are the voices the same nor is there an existant of distinctive guitar/bass lines. This is a perfect soundtrack to a dramatic sad movie. Hannah Reid was superb live, and her voice is more soulful than intimate and leans more towards Portishead than that of Romy. Dan Rothman and Dot Major (am I the only one finding this name entertaining?) did a good job building some electro beats around her. Their EP Metal & Dust was released early this year.

The standout track is clearly Wasting My Years.