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Song of the day: On/Hot/On/Chip

Hello songers,

Well its quite cool when a great band does a cover of a greater band and it doesnt sound like the same song + monkey bashing a tambourine. Well that is the case this morning. Both previously featured On an On did a cover of Hot Chip‘s song And I Was  A Boy From School.

They just through in some more electro (as if Hot Chip was lacking some) and juggled some Maracas (no tambourine – it’s in the detail) and tah dah. I know the formula doesn’t sound great but I really like the outcome. So just listen already.


Song of the day: Like a monkey with a miniature cymbal

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Hello song of the dayers,

Picking up where we left off – HOT CHIP.
I felt I had to give you their classic if somehow this tune got away from you.
From their 2006 album, The Warning, here is Over and Over:

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

Song of the day: Nothing's making sense in my brain

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Who needs coffee when you have jammy tunes to kick you awake.

Today I give you Hot Chip. I admit I have been keeping their latest album to myself to digest a little before I shared.
The monumental British band started back in 2000 and since then have release 5 albums, the latest this year called In Our Heads.

This latest album is beautifully upbeat and fun with their key hypnotic pulse electro sounds.
I must admit to having major crushes on most of the songs on the album and with a few not gelling at all.

So give the whole thing a listen – and let me know what you think

Here is my fav: Flutes


I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day