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Song of the day: I’m so lucky, you were my best friend

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Hello kids,

Well I’m on my way to The Great Escape this morning and very excited to catch Wolf Alice tonight if I can. This four piece band from North London is indie rock mixed with some folk and have been playing together since 2010. Here is their wonderful hot new single just released called Bros. The vocals are particularly brilliant and the instrumental will cause you to bounce around your seat. Plus they are on all types soon to be big lists so try tell some people about them before they get famous.

That’s about as fresh as it gets.


Song of the day: Phoenix are back with entertainment

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Goooood Monday Morning everyone,

Need some good news to wake you up. Well how bout hugely popular French indie rock band Phoenix will be releasing their fifth album Bankrupt! next week Monday. I am assuming that I don’t need to explain who the Phoenix are after their mightily successful last album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix that rocketed them to the middle ground between commercial and indie.

Well while we wait for the release they have made for us a cute little video to accompany their first single release Entertainment.

Well that’s nice and happy clappy.


Song of the day: Thank God the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are back

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Hello kidos,

So I REALLY REALLY hope you know the Yeah Yeah Yeahs by now. And am I so FREAKING excited for their fourth album to come out after what felt like the longest 4 years of waiting. Just in time for the 10 year anniversary of Maps. I adore this indie rock band from NYC – they are my favourite girl headed band by a mile. Oh darling Karen O.

So the album is called Mosquito and is to be released on the 16th of April. And I couldn’t resist sharing with you the cover. yeah yeah yeah

Wow right? Well if you think that’s intense – wait for this Gospel-dominated mother-of-a-build-up tongue-in-cheek single of a Sacrilege  My my my. And what a welcoming sound to come back to – a Head’s will Roll feel right from the opening with some type of vox loop sound on darling Karen O’s amazing vocal chords.

Oh God I love this band!


Song of the day: If you close your eyes

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Hello kidos,

So today is the release of Bad Blood the debut album from the new indie rock band Bastille. The four guys are from South London and took their name from their lead singer Dan Smith who was born on Bastille Day. If you want an indie band that is going to turn into commercial success, here is the one. I got my bets on the radio killing this single.

It’s also cause the chorus has the catchy eh oh eh oh eh oh. That’s bound to get stuck in your head.

The new video for Pompeii was released yesterday and is bound to have half a million views in a week (just like their past videos).
But personally I quite like their Mahogany session:

Now go out and tell as many of your friends about it so you can have the ‘I told you so’ rights.
(Mine belong to Fra)


Song of the day: Give me your eyes, I need sunshine

Hello my lovelies,

Well yes its the boy-dreaded/girl-anticipated Valentines Day. And of course you are expecting some lovely loving song from me to celebrate it. Of course I chose something a bit different. It’s not slow. It’s not a ballad. Yes that’s right not a ballad! In fact it has strong drums and clashing sounds and an electronic cutting unsettling sound. But the lyrics are gorgeous and the sound is heartbreaking and heart capturing at the same time.

The band is called Wolf Parade. I was surprised I have never given them out before. They are a Canadian indie rock band who started releasing album in 2003 and unfortunately announced they would stop making music last year. However their three albums are full of treasures and definite worth a lesson.

So without further ado here is the altogether freshly indie romantic I’ll Believe in Anything (I already do).

If I could take the fire out from the water
I’d take you where nobody knows you
And nobody gives a damn


Song of the day: I am a marathon runner, and my legs are sore

Hello kids,

So I just recently discovered this indie rock awesome band Yellow Ostrich from New York. I’m hooked. So hooked. The melodies are so beautiful. They are accompanied by so many beautiful instrumental complex sound. There is so much light and shade in their music. And each song has a section that highlights Alex Schaaf incredible vocals.

And that’s about as much as I can manage cause it’s actually quite hard to describe their sound.

Have a listen to Marathon Runner off their latest album Strange Land 

There is something chaotic and unrefined about this sound that I love.

Song of the day: I hate everyone (on a Monday)

Hello kids,

So it’s Monday and you are feeling miserable. Most of the time I try to comfort you with a happy song to get you jumping.
But every now and again it’s just great to embrace the hate.

And in this case, the best band to listen to is Get Set Go. They are an indie rock band from California who are famous for mixing dark lyrics with really happy clappy songs.

So clap along, and bounce along while hating. Give it a good try with I Hate Everyone:

Now sing it in your head while you smile at some DOOOOSHBAGS at work.