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Song of the day: Hunger, hunger is the purest sin

Hello kids,

Well I have decided to stop making statements of being back and apologies for being away. I will just go ahead and write when I can and unfortunately this will not be as consistent as you may have come to rely on it for the last two years. But hopefully you will still find some musical gems nonetheless.

Susanne Sundfør is someone I have had in my radar for some time (CMU are particularly big fans) but never got around to actually having a good listen to – until last week. Not just her name give away her Norwegian origins, but you can here the Nordic influences in her sound (think Agnes Obel meets First Aid Kit).  These Nordic ladies all have the same high pitch slightly airy slightly spooky sound – but in a good way.

Her latest album released last year,The Silicone Veil, holds the master piece that is White Foxes. Probably her most electronic track to date, Susanne’s voice almost transforms to match the tone in the synthesisers used. Although very piercing the sound is quite hypnotic in its hight pitch tone.

She is quickly growing from strength to strength and there is no doubt about why.


Song of the day: Introducing The Nyco Project

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Hello kids,

Well today I have been sent another epic find. They are The Nyco Project, a psychedelic indie rock band from London. A quick click on a soundcloud link opens to a wonderful bluesy male voice declaring  “my lover told me, I’m insane” simple but effective guitar grows with the help of tambourine and then drum and then a gorgeous female accompaniment. And all I can think is White Stripes or The Kills? But either way I’m sold. The band states influences from the Velvet Underground (which may explain the name?) which are not a far off claim.

I’m rather happy that this is the simple way I fell onto this band – because the music caught my attention first. However the band decided to take creativity to another level and with the help of  the Arts Council’s ‘Grant they released their debut EP The New Machine , both in the traditional form but also as an audiovisual app.

‘The New Machine’ app (available on itunes and google store for free) is quite the fun thing to play with on the tube. Each song is presented as a collage of several videos – each video has one of the band member playing a single instrument or singing in isolation and it all mergers to form the song. You can then interact with each window muting it or listening to it on solo or finding more info about the performance. It’s really a very original way to put an emphasis on live recording. That being put aside – if the music wasn’t so good I might think its was a bit kitsch. But since the songs are great it’s a very creative way to stick out of the crowd in an original way.

So download the app and have something to play with. But at the very least listen to Fade Away.

OOOOOH its great.


Song of the day: I dance like an ill fit

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Hello kids,

I’m keeping it rather simple today. The british band is called Wave Machines. They are indie rock mix with some electro – reminds me of Hot Chip. It’s glitchy and great.

The song I like is Ill Fit.

And there you go.

Song of the Day: Hypnotic Regression of lives that were lost

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Hello kids,

So as I continue to tear apart The Great Escape line up for some new discoveries here is another band I came across. They are called Girls Names and they are a four-piece from Belfast. And the first single Hypnotic Regression from their second album The New Life released in February made me think of the wonderful discovery from last year that are DIIV.

Have a listen then, and when I’m back I’ll let you know how they are live.


Song of the day: I could never love you, in spite of everything

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Hello kids,

So as the build up to the new Vampire Weekend album Modern Vampires of the City continues to grow they decided to throw a third song release in the mix. They have released it accompanied by a lyrical video of whole bunch of people clad in white sheets on a rooftop opening champagne bottles and spraying them around (which is a slightly disturbing visual for me, once having had this done in my flat spraying all my things and guests).

Although traditionally this is a symbol of celebrating happy moments there are rather depressive lyrics thrown on the screen about no one loving you, no matter how much you love everything. Oh well you got to love Vampire’s play with irony and gutsy title choice: Ya hey – only the reverse of the popular Hey ya. And the finale that goes from squeaky rubbery toys sounds to a grand almost church music ending. Oh I love these guys. Just a few more days.

So Ya Hey away


Song of the day: Down down under the earth goes another lover

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Goooood monday morning,

So this weekend I was lucky enough to go catch the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s I’ll be Your Mirror (a Velvet Underground inspired name) curated show at Alexandra Palace. What a treat. I will try gather enough motivation to write you a review later but for now I’m giving you my new favourite song of their new album.

Under the Earth

Sooooo good.

Song of the day: The Mispers

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Hello kids,

Well how bout we start today with a brand new spanking band and discovery. Their name is The Mispers – and if you haven’t heard of them you will be forgiven as they have just started out. They are young bunch of friendly looking gang from London.

I discovered them through this untitled song session at the Lightship95 that immediately caught my ear. Haven’t found much more material on them but hoping to hear much more soon. Its a mix of lovely folky indie music with some good life into it reminding me a bit of The Maccabees.

The voice hits you from second 1, the trembling vulnerability and wonderfully odd tone that is often harmonized with the help of two other voices to create light and shade. And there is something really nice and fresh about the use of the violin, a new way of accenting notes almost as a base guitar would. There is also something fresh about the structure of the song, how it picks up without picking up and slows down without really calming.

All in all, fingers crossed for an album soon.