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Song of the day: Blaenavon is where the heart is

Hello kids,

So I came to know of Blaenavon through their manager. It didnt take me long to know to conclude I loved the sound but it did take a couple of listens to get to the bottom of it all. The boys are very talented; they had already written +50 songs by the age of 14. And we not talking bah bah black sheep 3 chords material.

Their first single Into The Night, which they released in March this year, is very WU LYF meets Wild Beasts – with wonderful deep growing and bubbling melody and bass lines that almost fight each other.

I also wanted to include their Mahogany Session they have just done because it shows a slightly different side to them – or it only exaggerates how incredibly beautifully complex Ben’s voice is. I don’t know why but I want them to do a song with Kill It Kid.



Song of the day: Introducing The Nyco Project

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Hello kids,

Well today I have been sent another epic find. They are The Nyco Project, a psychedelic indie rock band from London. A quick click on a soundcloud link opens to a wonderful bluesy male voice declaring  “my lover told me, I’m insane” simple but effective guitar grows with the help of tambourine and then drum and then a gorgeous female accompaniment. And all I can think is White Stripes or The Kills? But either way I’m sold. The band states influences from the Velvet Underground (which may explain the name?) which are not a far off claim.

I’m rather happy that this is the simple way I fell onto this band – because the music caught my attention first. However the band decided to take creativity to another level and with the help of  the Arts Council’s ‘Grant they released their debut EP The New Machine , both in the traditional form but also as an audiovisual app.

‘The New Machine’ app (available on itunes and google store for free) is quite the fun thing to play with on the tube. Each song is presented as a collage of several videos – each video has one of the band member playing a single instrument or singing in isolation and it all mergers to form the song. You can then interact with each window muting it or listening to it on solo or finding more info about the performance. It’s really a very original way to put an emphasis on live recording. That being put aside – if the music wasn’t so good I might think its was a bit kitsch. But since the songs are great it’s a very creative way to stick out of the crowd in an original way.

So download the app and have something to play with. But at the very least listen to Fade Away.

OOOOOH its great.


Song of the day is back

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Hello musical kids,

I know I have been really bad. I went on holiday and then I started my new job at an exciting artist management company and I have been very distracted with other musical things.

But then some of you were nice enough to complain, new artist kept sending me submissions and the O2 asked to do a partnership and I realised I owed you all to continue. You are going to have to bear with me as I get back into it – I’m going to try and address all my request mails first.

So to start off – Depeche Mode. There is no need to introduce a band that has been named the most successful electronic band of all time. That’s quite a title. And they are still going at it for good measure. This year they released their thirteenth studio album Delta Machine. And yet again the boys have managed to find a great balance between the upbeatness of electro pop sounds mixed with their unique dark disharmony and influences coming from across music genres to always keep it interesting.

A good example of this is the second single to be released Soothe My Soul

Their in the States at the moment but if you want to catch them in London then they will be playing at the O2 on the 19th of November – so go ahead and buy your Depeche Mode tickets before they are all gone.

Well that wasn’t so hard after all.

Song of the day: Whitley’s resurrection

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Hello songers,

So it’s Featured Fridays. As a blogger, putting time behind the pure goal of sharing your passion, at times you are tempted to stop and call it a day. Faith would have it that just as that feeling overtakes you a gift will land in your lap that compels you to carry on. Dew Process Recordings writing to me about Whitley was one of these gifts.


Whitley born Lawrence Greenwood took a break after releasing two albums. He needed it. Too much gigging and over reading the press pushed him to South America for backpack trip escape. Finally, one lovely night, drunk on sun and spirits he called his label to let them know he was ready for a third shot. Email check the next morning and a flight to London made the blurry action very concrete. And so the search for a place to record started: Chile, The Netherlands, and even a few roads away from me in London were all plagued by a bad luck until he found success in Tuscany.

The natural beauty and wholesomeness of this magical Italian region clearly had an impact on Whitley as it oozes out of his music. The instrumental stream along full of air and peaceful space. Lawrence’s voice matches this serenity and adds heartbreak in the first single My Heart is Not a Machine. 

He is now back home in Australia on tour for the launch of  his new album Even The Stars Are A Mess which comes out on 9th of July. Thank goodness for Tuscany.

Song of the day: I’m wasting my young years

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Hello kids,

It’s monday morning – how was your weekend? I was at The XX Night + Day and it was fab, thanks for asking. The day started with a nice little surprise London Grammar. The cinematic, haunting pop trio has been dubbed as nicer version of The XX you can take home to meet the parents. I personally wouldn’t mind taking the XX home, but I get the idea. And I also get why the XX would have invited them to their event.

There are similarities in the feeling, but in no ways are the voices the same nor is there an existant of distinctive guitar/bass lines. This is a perfect soundtrack to a dramatic sad movie. Hannah Reid was superb live, and her voice is more soulful than intimate and leans more towards Portishead than that of Romy. Dan Rothman and Dot Major (am I the only one finding this name entertaining?) did a good job building some electro beats around her. Their EP Metal & Dust was released early this year.

The standout track is clearly Wasting My Years.

Song of the day: All this searching for something that’s not real

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Hello kids,

Well its MOOOONNNDAAAYY so I want to give you something to be happy about but unfortunately my Monday crush is rather sad. Sad lyrics although the instrumental is rather uplifting. I like that contrast. He goes by the name of Sohn and he is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. He use to live in London but now has moved to a quiet part of Vienna. This shift of going from high energy to calm environments also comes out in his music. Or at least it sound good to say it does.

I am stuck on his debut single Wheel. I love the staccato sharp cutting sounds which draws you into beautiful melodic swooning with dramatic lyrics (I died a week ago, there’s nothing left) accompanied by wonderful electro beats. It’s beautifully sad. So have a listen

It’s a mix of Tunng meets James Blake on anti-depressants.

Song of the day: Husbands won’t let you down

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Hello kids,

wooooohooooooo it’s the weekend! And if you are in London, how bout you celebrate with me tonight at St George’s Tavern where I will be DJing – my debut in London! Slightly nervous because people actually realize what music and DJs are here.

So since it’s Featured Fridays – here is a song I’ll definitely be featuring tonight. This a beautiful find of last night – they are called Husbands. And all I know is from Marseilles and it seems to be made of three guys. Otherwise there is not much on the net and their name doesn’t make it easy to google them (especially in combination with the song name).

None the less Let Me Down (don’t) is fabulous. So here it is:

See you later for a jam.