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Song of the day: Psycho killer teen dream action film

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Hello kids,

So yesterday I gave you the new tune in preview of the release of the XX’s highly exciting second album.
Today I do a similar thing for Bloc Party’s long anticipated 4th album called Four.

As I mentioned in my review, I heard a couple of snippets at Heineken Open’er in Poland earlier this month and I loved what I heard.

So I give you the first released single in wait for 20th of August when we get to hear the whole thing.

Here is Octopus

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day


Song of the day: With words unspoken, a silent devotion

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Hello kids,

So as I mentioned I was privileged to hear snippets from the upcoming second album of the XX.
They have now released their official first single Angels.

This is not my favourite from the previews they gave us at Heineken Open’er Festival of the new work to come, but still a wonderful track.
Calm, simple yet enchanting this single is bound to continue to create a hype and fascination about this unique band.

So here it is. Hold your breath for the full album release Coexist on the 10th of September.


I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

Song of the day is back from holiday

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Hello kids

So I am back with your daily tunes. And as promised I come bearing gifts.

As you (should) know I was off to Poland for the Heineken Open’er Festival. You can read about my full experience on a day by day, blow by blow review right here:

Day 1: The Kills, Yeasayer, Bjork, New Order
Day 2: Bon Iver and Justice
Day 3: Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, M83
Day 4: Mumford & Sons, Bat for Lashes, The XX, SBTRKT

Of course during my music trip I found some new inspiring tunes and artists.

So here is the first of this, Major Lazer. The music project by two DJs: Diplo and Switch. They mix all type of funky beats and genres together. Unfortunately I did not manage to get to see them in the highly packed schedule but I just can’t get enough of this song.

It’s called Get Free.

I’ll be dealing with my inbox now – enjoy

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

Festival Review: Heineken Open'er // Gdynia, Poland // 7 July 2012 // Day 4: Mumford & Sons, Bat for Lashes, The XX, SBTRKT

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So Day 4 all started with me trying out a Polish punk band Cool Kids of Death. Talk about embracing the culture. Rap in polish is a lil difficult to attach yourself too. However they were still fun for a good old jump around in a teenager dominated marsh pit. Unfortunately towards the end of the performance the heavens Opene’ered up and the rain started. What was a few drops quickly turned into a storm with thunder and lighting. Luckily after about 45 minutes of heavy rain it all stopped and the performances manage to continue with a short delay.

Mumford & Sons were up next. And although the opening song was a weak one (I think possibly a new one) they followed it up with their entire top hits one after another and the folk (let’s not say country – I hate country) frolicking was pleasant to say the least. What with the newly formed mud lakes we could all have been jamming in a pig farm.

But I cut that performance short as I had already seen them last year at Primavera and was keen to watch the whole of Bat for Lashes.

And what a good choice that was. Bat for Lashes was the most enchanting performance of the festival. As Natasha Khan came out clothed from head to toe in a heavy patterned long dress and matching headband she looked like a pagan princess. Her stage moves were also very impressive (although completely different to those of Alison) and enchanting. The tent this time transported us to entranced moonlight feel. Her voice is nothing short of perfection – she hit every single of her notes, while rocking back and forward with her arms out like an Egyptian queen. Occasionally shaking some Latino looking shaker. It all felt so natural and intimate that she was giving you a little part of herself without it being much of an effort.

Highlights for me were of course Precilla and Daniel as I am not as familiar with her new album (which of course I will now proceed to get to as the performance was incredible).

And then the grand ending on the main stage: The XX. And it’s really strange what this nothing short of bizarre band could do the crowd. I adore the XX. They were my musical food and fuel and obsession for a good 5 months after their debut album came out. And I can still listen to their album, loving every single song on the album (which is rare) and never getting tired of it.  So impatiently I waited right up close to the stage, surrounded with hard-core (and annoyingly pushy) fans. And as the trio took on the minimal misty stage (they are abusive users of smoke machines) the musical drug started and on it we stayed.

The XX are that weird middle ground. Drawn out sound with a definite beats, but too fast to be slow and too slow to be fast. You are just not quite sure what to do with yourself at their concert. And somehow we were all ok with that. The voices Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim are as clear and piercing in real life as it is on the CD. I am still amazed how hard-core and distant the punkie looking singers/guitarist look and how vulnerable and delicate their voices sound. Don’t judge a voice by its cover. And just like The XX the most breath taking moments are the ones when they sing together and let their voices intermingle.

I was again very pleased to hear some new singles off their much awaited second album. And I am delighted to report they also sound fantastic. So only great things ahead. They have a little more bass/slight electro/mixed feel but fantastic and still as originally sounding as the first album. You can see that Jamie Smith (also doing solo mixing work under the name Jamie XX) is adding a great deal of value to Romy and Oliver.

The crowd was obviously giving the band much love as Oliver repeated several time that he was blown away by the Polish crowd, so happy to be here and sorry it took them so long to come. However no matter how much we howled no encore. I guess it’s just too cliché for them.

As the main show finished we walked back to the tent one last time to catch the Africa meets Electro brilliant mix of SBTRKT. It was a really fun act to end the concert on. We gave our tired legs one more jam session.

And as we finally retreated to the Heineken Lounge and drank our final drafts of the festival and laughed at some memories that had been cemented in the mud and in our hearts we felt a bit surreal about all that had happened and how it was now over. The festival had drawn us into this new world and was necessarily ready to leave it.

But we weren’t the only ones with a bit of nostalgia. Walking back a crowd was forming around what a must of been very drunk guy (either on music or beer but you can figure out which is more likely) who decided to pitch his tent in the middle of the mud puddle in the camping area and angrily kicked around in the muddy water. Whatever floats your boat man.

Music performances of this level does it for me.

Oh and this.

Festival Review: Heineken Open'er // Gdynia, Poland // 5 July 2012 // Day 2: Bon Iver and Justice

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Thursday was a day I had been looking forward too for a long time. I finally got to see what must be one of my top 5 artist my dear old Bonnie Bear.

You all should be aware of my admiration for Bon Iver and Justin Vernon – the only man to beat all my insomnia. There is something so completely indescribably pure, genuine and touching to his music that makes all else stop when I listen to it. And of course with such high expectations it’s difficult to be satisfied by a performance. But more than blown away I was. Bon Iver’s self titled new album is more complex than the first and this means he no longer performance just by himself (as he started off with) or with his 1-3 accomplices (Sean Carey who approached him after a show and volunteered his services, Michael Noyce his old guitar student and Matthew McCaughan who he met on tour with The Rosebuds) as later on but with a full fledge band of about 8-10 people with him.

I think this was very fitting considering he was on the main stage of at least 60k people concert at prime time. The stage was set with cloth falling from the ceiling creating an earthy feel.

But the earth I left when he started singing. I had tears in my eyes during the whole concert and down my cheeks they rolled during the piano intense Wash. (my favourite).  The most striking thing about his voice is his range: he can sing as deep as a bear (Hinnom, TX) and then as high as a 5 year old girl (Holocene) all with perfect pitch and enchanting tone.  It amazes me how he can enter the heart of everyone in the crowd and make you feel like that performance is just for you while you are surrounded by thousands of people. The only thing that confused me is why he decided the perform what can only be a big mistake of a Phil Collins feel Beth/Rest. But hey that’s long forgiven/forgotten.

As he left the stage for the first time the whole crowd went crazy in demand for his most famous single Skinny Love. Not only did he return to play this but he followed it with the almighty build up of Wolves (Act I and II). Before he started he tought the crowd the closing refrain of What might have been lost and encouraged us to sing along. And as the calm song started nice and slow and started to grow we all waited for our time to chip in. Under his guidance we started softly and repeated the refrain louder and louder and louder until the whole sky shook with music and the song broke. And that is how he left us.

The man is my muse. And he will always be. And when I was lifted on shoulders to see the entire crowd, there was no doubt that he had not calmly, beautifully touched the sea of people all around me for as far as I could see.

I cannot wait to go see him in a dedicated concert in Lyon on the 30th of July. I think it’s an understatement to say that I recommend it to all. It’s a crime that there are still tickets.

Then what a contrast as we got ready to rock for Justice. What newspaper reported as the most anticipated act of the festival.

And of course they lived up to it. They jammed the entire stage. We all jumped like maniacs, got caught in numerous marsh pits, and generally destroyed our feet (thank goodness for the Wellies). One word about marsh pits in Poland. Wanna be cool teenagers often create a small circle of space and then push and force it out to a huge size. They then walk around trying to look impressive while we are all squished back and when the music breaks into a big beat everyone (read guys) goes nuts and jumps into it. I don’t know if it’s a Polish thing – but it’s the first that I had seen of it. check it out yourself (you want to pay attention at 1:50 when the whole circle breaks):

Anyways the lighting was incredible – same set up as in Paris. However I must say that although the atmosphere of some odd 60k people jumping to the music could not be beat, musically they were not on the level of Paris.

I think it was their first time in Poland and I guess they did not expect the audience to be at the same electro music pallet level of the Frenchies. Their set in Paris was made for their hard-core fans – that could easily digest two to three of their songs playing on top of each other for the entire set. Here the mixes were more simple and clean, the tunes more digestible. Of course I enjoyed it but it left me wanting more after the stellar of a performance I had experience in Paris a few months back.

Festival Review: Heineken Open'er // Gdynia, Poland // 4 July 2012// Day 1: The Kills, Yeasayer, Bjork, New Order

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Gin – ku – ye.

Or however you may say it. This is the one word artist repeatedly try to pronounce to thank Poland and Open’ er for the wonderful experience. And I can’t help but repeat the same.

Just back from the four days Heineken Sponsored Opener, life does not feel the same. Where is the mud? Where is the noise? Where are the long distances to run? The sausage and long bread (zapiekanka)? The smell of the ToiTois and sweat? The masses of people everywhere? And most importantly where is my beer?

A four day festival really draws you into a different world. All needs and desires get reduced to basic necessity: eat, drink (beer), toilet (hold your breath), and sleep (scarce). The rest of your energy needs to be focused on one thing: THE MUSIC – and getting as close to possible to it. Especially if the line-up looks like this.

For only 90 euros, this year Opener not only had one of the top line ups but was also the best value for your buck. Hands down. As the programme only started around 6ish every evening (lasting till 2ish in the morning) you had time to enjoy the Polish beaches during the day (which were much better than expected) as well as embrace the Polish culture.

Overall I was very impressed with the festival. It had about 85 000 concert goers and two main stages with three or four smaller ones. In my opinion, this is the perfect size of a festival. Anything with more than 2-3 main stages you waste so much time running around and choosing between acts its more frustrating than fun. And the bigger the line-up looks the less likely you are to see any of it properly. Even now we ran plenty and didn’t get to see everything we wanted and praised the one hour brakes we did get.

Everything was very well organized – especially the transport to and back from site (we stayed in a small town nearby) – with busses coming literally every 10 seconds at all times of the day and night. The food and drink stalls were numerous with queues being tolerable. The food stalls were mostly Polish ‘specialities’ although there were also Greek, Indian, Thai stalls etc. The toilets were – well toilets at a festival.  I think there are no miraculous cures here yet. Scientists are still prioritizing the HIV cure before we get onto this repulsive entity. Apparently the camping wasn’t too well organized though – with queues for showers lasting up to 3 hours and being far apart (good decision not to camp after all).

The polish festival crowd is exactly what you would want as a music fanatic. Highly enthusiastic, friendly and responsive crowd yet not aggressive. And luckily so – as I was surprised with just how little international people there were. I hardly heard any other languages than Polish and got a couple of looks when I spoke English. Although on the weekend I heard some good old Brits here and there. I guess Poland is still seen as unfamiliar by the majority – and summer festivals in sunnier destinations like Spain or Portugal still woe the holiday goers.

And we got lucky on the weather. I nearly cried when the forecast for the four days was rain, rain, rain and rain. But apart from a small deluge of 45 minutes on the very last day we didn’t get a drop during the festival time. However it rained every early morning which ensured we got a fair bit of mud to handle during the day.  If ever you are in doubt – Wellies are the only way forward in festival. Always.

So the music.

The festival opened with none other than The Kills. What a bang to start with. But almost a pity as I would have wanted the music stretch to start with something a little lighter so I could have been looser for this incredible band. I saw The Kills back in November last year – following a month where I listened to them and only them for about 6 hours every day. After an amazing performance it was clear to me that the duo was nothing short of SEX ON STAGE. And their performance at the festival was at an even higher level. This band is ROCK N ROLL on steroids. They have the presence of gods and the moves to match. No one looks hotter than Alison and her dance moves as she bangs her head and her messy blonde and pink hair goes flying all over the place. Tight skinny pants on her long legs, lace up boots and a jacket with minimal top and rocking accessories is her repeated look – and she owns it. The energy bounces of VV as she grinds around the stage and the entire crowd can do nothing to do but stare.

As for Jamie, he strings his guitar as confident as can be (he is married to Kate Moss after all) and with his few but effective moves he is the hard-core rock pillar allowing VV to rock around his Hotel. When they sing facing each other and let their voices intermingle so perfectly you cannot feel but strength in both of them. And that they must have had sex numerous of times. Even if surprisingly they are not together. That intimacy cannot come without it. There are several rumours that they were dating before but it’s hard to figure out which bits are true or not.

And all that energy and boom and that was that. The first act of the festival was done. And off we were. Running to get a beer – then having to down it in 10 seconds when we realized you could not take it out of the designated food areas until 11pm (with the occasional sneak) and running to the other side of the festival to catch Yeasayer.

If there is one thing that I think Opener could improve on – it’s reducing the distance between the Main stage and the Tent stage on the other side of the old Airfield grounds. This is FAR – and since most of the major acts were back to back on either sides of the field with at least a 15 minutes overlap – it meant that you missed a good 30 minutes of some acts (and were pretty breathless when you arrived).

Anyways run we did and it was well worth it. Yeasayer were jamming! The tent is wonderful for electro style music as the atmosphere created by the closed environment can really be amplified by good lighting. Yeasayer sounded nothing short of amazing live and we danced hard to the sound – which I must say was of a much higher quality than where I first saw them in Barcelona two years ago.

Then next up was the headliner (which surprisingly was) Bjork. There is no doubt the lioness haired Bjork is nothing short of striking. Her performance was highly intensified by the large female choir behind her. All dressed in pagan looking clothing you felt that the performance was done by mystical creatures praising the elements. And with the DNA style videos it all kind of fit. Not my style of music but still a great show.

The final act of the night, what a privilege, was the old school legends New Order.

It’s no secret to anyone that I am very much a new age fan and my knowledge for the oldies is limited. But the reformation of what was Joy Division after the suicide of Ian Curtis caught more than my respect. It was just incredible to see them perform with all the energy they must have had at their peak. These legends who made huge leaps in both new wave and electro music gave us their all. This is what I call a build up. Have a look.

They also performed some Joy Division songs and it’s quite something to say I got to see Love Will Tear Us Apart Again live.

All of this in a day. WOAH. We trekked back with happy faces, both for what had just hit us and for what was to come.