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Song of the day: It's a cruel cruel world

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Hello everyone,

So this week is a wonderful music week as we get ready  for Caribana Festival.
For those of you who don’t know it, it is a five day festival in Nyon – no not Paleo.

I went last year and I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone.

So it starts on Wednesday and the head liner is Gossip. Which if you don’t know by now you should listen to.
They are a three piece Indie Rock band who started releasing music in 1999.
They quickly got a lot of press attention about their controversial singer Beth Ditto who is lesbian, a feminist, punk and very underground.

Anywho either way they are quite cool

Here is their famous Heavy Cross

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day


Song of the day: After sex the bitter taste, been fooled again, the search continues

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Dear Song of the dayers,

I hope you are all jamming to the 300 days of Song of the day Playlist.

In the meanwhile, back to our usual song of the day, and back to the Paleo lineup.
As mentioned one of the bands featured is Bloc Party. One of my favourite bands.
Just before they took a break I stayed an extra two days in Greece and went solo to one of their concerts to be able to see them in the flesh (and it was well worth it). So you can’t imagine how delighted I am to hear that after a 3 years they have reunited (hopefully Kele has realized he is nothing without his entourage). Us fans are all waiting excitingly for their new album this year and I’m sure it will be as fantastic as the last.

In the meantime there are way way too many great songs to keep you busy with.
Of course this is not their first feature on Song of the day. I have already tried to get you into them with the popular Flux, Helicopter and the Minotaur remix of Tulips.

But now it’s time to break away from the popular and give you (possibly) my favourite.

Kreuzberg – the song is inspired by the famous part of Berlin and its symbolism for division and  war and how this is a metaphor for how a person is reflecting on the difference between intimacy and love and the war between the two.  (or at least that’s what I think)

there is a wall that runs right through me, just like the city I will never be joined

Enjoy the rest of A weekend in the City – the album is full of gems (Sunday is another favourite). Not to mention the entire Intimacy Album (including the remixes). Oh wait and Silent Alarm. Just listen to it all.

I, I have decided, at 25, something must change.


Song of the day: Well you can get out of this party dress but you can't get out of this skin

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Hello kids,

So I hope you all successfully got your Paleo tickets. Otherwise watch out for people reselling closer to the time.
And if still in bad luck – contact me – I know some guy who sells  ‘extra’ tickets to these things – no I’m not joking.

So back to the featured artists then.

I give you again BOY. The swiss band I featured a little while back when they played inm Geneva.

I gave you Little Numbers last time, which is the happiest, catchiest tune I’ve heard in a while.

But today I give you the equally brilliant, but much more chilled Skin

Enjoy some local talent


Song of the day: I wanna make your smoke and kisses

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Hello everyone,

It is PALEO TICKETS DAY! I hope you are all prepared.

Unfortunately I have not been able to go through all the recommended artist from the line up yet – not enough time.
But my recommendations would be:

Tuesday: Franz Ferndinand + M83 (got my fingers crossed for a good “invité surprise”)
Wednesday: The Cure, Justice, Bon Iver, Miles Kane, Other Lives, BOY
Saturday: Bloc Party, The Kooks, The Kills

So let’s get onto our next featured artist: Miles Kane.

Miles Kane solo work only started at the very end of 2010 but he has been around for a while. Namely as part of The Rascales and The Last Shadow Puppets.
I have already featured him and his wonderful Come Closer  single a while back.

And today I give you Rearrange.



Song of the day: Claire all to sore for sound

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Hello kids,

So one day before the Paleo tickets are going to come out – I remind you: THEY WILL SELL OUT IN MINUTES.
So as pre-work go on the site and make sure you set up your account so you are ready to roll.
Then book your calendar.

So today’s featured artist also playing on Wednesday (along with The Cure, Justice and Other Lives) is Bon Iver.

Now if you have been on this mailing list even for a short while he should be no stranger to you.
He is among my favourite artists and I have featured many of songs: Skinny Love, Re:Stacks, Blood Bank, Michicant, Fall Creek Boys and even his remake of Love More (highly recommended)I also wrote a very long blog about him.

Today I feature the very piano heavy beauty that is Wash. (if you can watch the video)

Those repeated chords banged lightly (love the oxymoron) on the piano makes me think of a sledge in snow. I don’t know why.
But even on top of the piano, why this is one of my favourite songs is because his voice really comes through on this.

As true fan not only will I be seeing him on Open’er Festival in Poland but I also bought tickets to seem him in Lyon.
If you truly love an artist you will not be satisfied by simply seeing them at a festival, you want a full dedicated performance and evening.

So if you are interested, get your tickets here, Lyon is a just a 2 hour drive away:

Lastly If you need another reason to go watch him I give you this masterpiece mix session:



Song of the day: When your mind turns to fiction

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Hello song of the dayers

So as always today is Featured Friday. It is also the countdown to Paleo tickets.

First of all just to clarify the first two artists I gave out (Franz Ferdinand + M83) are playing on Tuesday not Monday (simply because well, no one is playing on Monday – the festival starts on Tuesday).

And The Cure play on Wednesday. Speaking of Wednesday, I had this indie rock American band Other Lives recommended by none other than Terrific Tomasz. Who has sent me many more than one inspirational artists. He seen them live recently and highly recommends them.

So check out their song For 12

And see what you think.


Song of the day: Send your Dreams

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Dear song of the dayers,

Let’s continue with the Paleo featured artist – M83 is next. Also on the Monday.
You may recall that I attended their concert in Lausanne and wrote a fully-fledged review on their greatness:
And I have already given you Midnight City, We Own the Sky and the Intro.

So now I give you a slower but still wonderfully beautiful single from their latest single, Hurry we up we’re dreaming!

Let it build up

Now you have two very good reasons to buy Monday tickets