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My Way In: Become known as your passion guru

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So after you have picked up your morning routine of investing in the search for your passion, and you then started reading all the type of material you could find on your topic – we get to the next step:


You need to become the icon of your passion. Every chance you get, mention it. Get people engaged. Share with them what you are doing. At the start, keep it short and snappy and see how they react. But if they are interested – use the opportunity – have a long conversation about it. Of course it is great to speak to people who share your passion but make sure to try it with everybody.

The reasons for this:

  1. It makes you realize how much you know about your subject and you will feel good about being able to articulate all of the things you have been reading
  2. It’s a nice break from weekend or weather small chatter
  3. It will make you realize how LITTLE you know about some areas when people ask you questions you can’t answer – this will fill up your next morning sessions
  4. It keeps you excited about your topic as you feel your face light up as you speak about it and interact with other view points
  5. It makes people ask you several times: why are you not doing this for a living? And forces you to answer that question with a lame answer until you no longer can
  6. MOST IMPORTANTLY: people will know you as THE #ENTER INTEREST# PERSON

Now that last one is really important because that is where the magic comes in. When people start knowing you as very dedicated, passionate and interested person they will think of you whenever an opportunity comes up. That’s how I got approached to become part of music projects, invited to DJ, recommended interesting books or magazines or sites. The problem of today is not getting information – it’s getting the RIGHT information. And in order to get it – you need HUMAN knowledgeable filters.

The most important opportunity that this might bring is CONTACTS in the specific industry. People, by and large, are rather nice. They also by nature like to connect dots. Maybe it’s because we played too much Lego or puzzles when we were little. Point is, if you talk to them about how much you love music the minute they see an opportunity (a job opening, an interesting article, meet someone in the industry, remember an old friend that has a related job) they are more likely to think of you. And that’s when things start to roll.

All of my friends knew that I was absolutely stupidly crazy about music. All of them. I was a walking advertisement for indie music. Even though some of them didn’t know what indie music was (the topic of a future post). And that’s how I got introduced to several contacts in the industry. Because a friend of a friend, or an ex-colleague etc. These are the golden nuggets. And when you get them – PLEASE use them. Don’t be shy to phone a stranger and speak to them about your interest. Find out about them, what is it like in the inside, what different jobs are available, how to get those jobs, what skills, knowledge, activities are recognized as good experience. Ask, ask, ask and always make sure to keep the contact. This will be major support to find out which jobs are out there for you.

If you want to get to your dreams there is not space for being shy about it.