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Song of the day: Triangles are so in

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Hello songers,

Following from yesterday’s post – if you live in London and are a big The National fan. Act quick for the pre-sale tickets here! I’ve got tickets – hope to see you there. If they are sold out when you click, the tickets go on sale to wider public in 2 days. So try then.

Now onto our new band. Yesterday looking at Koko gigs I found a newish band called Pyyramids. That ‘a’ needs to be a triangle (yes another one alongst with Bastille and others). So who are they?, I hear you asking. Well remember gods of the awesome music video Ok Go? Well steal their bassist Tim Nordwind and then we add  He Say, She Say vocalist Drea Smith – and tada PYYRA*TRIANGLE*MIDS! The two of them started about their love for British post-punk bands from the 80s and next thing you know their mutual appreciations gets all muddled up into a release of an album. Rather awesome.

They just released their album Brightest Darkest Day on Tuesday and a new video for their single Paper Doll.

I like the sound of it so I’ll be going to Koko to check it out loud. Come along!



Song of the day: I’ll give you one more chance to say

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Hello kids,

So today I introduce you to the new band Chvchers, a Scottish electro pop group from Glasgow. No they did not try to jump on the band wagon of funny consonants band names and triangle trends to seem hip but actually it was for Google search optimization. Imagine trying to find them amongst the millions of religious institutions – its a holy jungle out there.

Anyways you may have heard their brilliant second single The Mother We Share  that has been doing very well and caused all type of ‘hot new talent to watch’ arrows pointing at them from all directions. Yesterday they released their first Recover EP. And it features 3 brilliant songs – one of which is the title song Recover. Have a listen.

Can’t wait for the album due later this year.

Song of the day: Ears ring and teeth click

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Hello kids,

So following from yesterday’s 4AD signed group Daughter, here is a record label pal: Purity Ring. If you were wondering Purity rings (also known as chastity rings, abstinence rings) are worn as a sign of chastity. The practice originated in the United States in the 1990s among Christian-affiliated sexual abstinence groups. Thanks Wiki.

That’s right. The Canadian electro duo seem to be more interested in bewitched arm breathing dogs/sheep?

purity ring


Ok enough silly talk. The music. Well electro is a great simplification really. There is a bit of future pop in there, lots of synth and voice distortions and I even hear a hip-hop feel in some of those instrumental breaks. Their début album Shrines, released last year and it all just flows into one strange poppy indie futuristic sound – with each song having a different angle on that theme. I love the album and the originality of the sound and I struggled like crazy to pick which song to give you.

For now I’ll settle on Ungirthed

Song of the day: Your’s trojan is in my head

Hello kidos,

So back to some easy listening indie sound. This is a happy clappy pop indie band for you. Their name is Atlas Genius and they are a four piece band from Australia. So they did things a bit backward, they decided to build the studio to record the songs first before making the songs. They wanted to have a safe happy place to that they could nurture their songs.

And it worked. In 2011 their first single Trojan (love to see the google search for trojans on this one) and it became an instant hit.

And it’s easy to hear why. When asked for their influences Keith, on guitars and vocals, named Indie band 101 Death Cab for Cutie as a big one and specifically called out Ben Gibbard’s lyrics as inspiration. Death Cab being my very own first introduction to indie music, I cannot help but completely agree. I use to sit with CD covers and read song word by word and be amazed at Ben’s poetry. They also name Phoenix (another popular easy accessible door into indie), The Police, The Beatles and Beck as influences. And I think in Trojan you clearly hear the Ben Gibbardy lyrics and the Phoenix guitars and beat.

So they are busy getting ready for their album release on the 19th of February so let’s wish them all the best of luck.

Take a picture you can never recreate


Song of the day: You never had any fun

Hello kids,

Today just a fun light tune from Californian Coconut Records aka indie pop solo project of Jason Schwartzman that started back in 2006.
So if you find yourself not having Any Fun change something. I beg you.

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day


Song of the day: Wrote you a letter, I'd soon regret

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Hello song of the dayers,

So today I give you a band that I found at the start of the year. Their name is The Chap. A North London mix of rock and pop.
These cheeky little buggers have kept the blogs talking furiously for the last two albums.
After 4 albums and 8 years of existence the band came out with a rather bold new album of We Are the Best a pure act of being wilfully obscure.

A greatest hit album? The band was in no way big, not in commercial terms or indie. So we had to accept that this was them just being provocative.

And so as all music bloggers were outraged with the arrogance I want to give them the credit of being longer term planners.
Because to come back one year later with an awesomely tongue in cheek album called We Are Nobody and album cover like this:


Can only be pure brilliance if it was planned all along. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.

So anways let me give you this weird and wonderful tune – my favourite off this strange album.
I love it so much for that wonderful background noise after the chorus – have a listen around at 1:27.
If someone can tell me what is that instrument I would be awfully thankful.

Here is What did we Do:

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

Song of the day: Tell me about the thing you can't control

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Hi everyone,

What an experience was last night. I hope there were several of you rockers at Caribana Festival last night. I’m going again tonight for Lou Reed (of The Velvet Underground). I have not seen the Swiss crowd so excited in a while. I will write the full review about last night shortly and send to you. But if you can come join in tonight!

For now let’s do Featured Friday in a bit different way – who was featured last night.

I was highly surprise and impressed by Revolver – the Parisian band that was playing at the festival.
I had listened to one of their songs before and they had seemed good.

But I was not ready for just amazing how this band was live. They gave everything and more to the audience last night.
They are a mix of folk, pop, rock, wonderful harmonies, even some Simon & Garfunkel. Yet all three members praise Radiohead as their godly band.

Unfortunately this band is just not the same on the album as they are live. You will never quite get hold of their beauty on the album.
This is why it’s so great to discover bands live.

Here is Let’s Get Together

Enjoy your wet weekend

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day