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Song of the day: It's alarming honestly how charming she can be

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Hello kids,

So onto the next artist I saw at Hackney Weekend. The controversial big lipped Lana Del Rey. I have already written about the drama about her. I have already given you by far my favourite (but not well known) song Radio.

And now I am happy to present the truth to you: SHE CAN SING.

There are some videos of her on youtube which my friends kept telling me about that she is a bad singer. Well keep your videos to yourself – I saw her live and she can.

To be fair the poor doll is either terrified or extremely shy and in the beginning she was being drowned out by the instruments. And then the sound was not completely clear – kind of a smudgy sound.

But as time passed and the Barbie relaxed, or the sound engineers made the correct adjustment, her voice really came out.
Especially when she added some fancy spontaneous twirls to the song to really show off the power of her voice.

THE GIRL CAN SING. And its wasn’t playback.

So that myth busted.

Here is Carmen. And a very Lana Del Rey type video.

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day


Song of the day

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Dear Song of the Dayers,

First of all I wish you a happy Easter Break. And to send you off on a good note I give you two little gifts.

Firstly Absynthe Minded. This alternative Belgium band given to me by Dries are not only musically talented but also marketing smart (or at least their manager is).

So first let’s get to the music side. Here is a great song by them: My Heroics, Part One

Its creepy and enchanting and magical all at the same time.

So why they are marketing smart is because they came up with this.
They are trying to grow outside of album and plan ‘world domination’ and needed to find a way to do this in an original way to differentiate themselves from the heavy pollution that is taking place in the music industry (and in other industries as well).

So they thought of new concept. And they attacked one of the biggest polluters: The Radio. Although the importance of this channel is decreasing every day it is still relevant as a significant music provider/educator for the lazy music listeners across many countries. It’s just too bad that the majority of the songs on this channel is horrid and based purely on easy listening vs. encouraging people to appreciate more instrumentally complex and musically talented artists.  

And so the concept is they have designed technology to track when any radio across Europe may play their new single. And if they do, and only when they do. This site will play the music video. Otherwise you can’t watch it (minus the people who have recorded and uploaded on youtube). It’s a really cool idea.

Check it out.

Secondly the other piece of good news is that we will be DJing again at Cirkus – next week Thursday. So block it in your calendar. And check it out on Facebook.

Enjoy the break

Chocolate chuckles to all of you


Song of the day

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Indie Myth: you are only indie cool if hardly anybody knows you (just the die-hard fans)

Evidence against: The Black Keys


That’s right people. I don’t like Indie for the reason that it makes me feel superior because I can name a 1000 bands you have never heard of and stress how great they are and how can you not know them (ok maybe just a tinnnny winnny little bit – jokes). But I love Indie artists because the MUSIC they produce (note not how they look) is F*CKING awesome. F.u.l.l. s.t.o.p.

And every now and again a great indie band gets noticed by everyone and even gets pumped into the polluted sound wave also known as the radio.

And so let us celebrate when someone sticks to what music should be about and they also get paid for it! Cause guess what – they will invest it back into music. Not a personal gym trainer.

I really am not one of those people who wants to hold onto a band and be the only person to know it. Let’s share the beauty. So here I give you The Black Keys yet again. A highlight of last year for me. I have already give you Lonely Boy.

But this is even better.

Gold on the Ceiling:

After 6 albums they finally found perfection with El Camino

Jam till you drop


Ok people,

I have sufficiently abused this tune so that I now know every second of every sound – and I am now ready to share. And it comes from none other than Lana Del Rey.

You may know her from her previous feature on Song of the Day (Blue Jeans), from all the press about her plastic body parts (Angelina is getting antsy about the big lips look), about her rich dad that helped her crack into the music industry, about her ridiculous over glamorous no sense videos (Born to Die – tigers?!? ) or whether her voice is really amazing live or crap.

At the end of the day – I love her album, I love her voice (at least on the album) and I can’t get enough of this hidden gem of a song. Even if it is on the commercial side of indie pop.

So here is Elizabeth. You decide whether you want to love or hate her.


 Let’s hope this does make it on the radio – and dilute the rubbish that is squeeze through that channel