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Song of the day: Arcade Fire wows with Reflektor

Hello kids,

So I wasn’t even going to write today. But then Arcade Fire released the Reflektor website – and how could I not. So Arcade Fire are certainly not new to very innovative breakthrough videos to take the themes behind their albums to another level – they have already proved what they can do with Neon Bible and The Wilderness Downtown.

Now to launch their much awaited album, they have released a website that interacts with your phone/tablet or mouse. It’s all just very complicated to explain and just much easier if you go online and do it (make sure you use Google Chrome).┬áThe video follows a young woman trying to escape her reflections in wild Haiti and you get pulled into her world as she tries to break free.

Here is a trailer. And here is my reflection in the video. Have fun with it.


The full album (with confirmed James Murphy collaboration and rumoured David Bowie) is out on October 29, counting down the days.

Quick update, Arcade Fire also released a normal music video an hour ago. Enjoy.