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Song of the day: Tonight is a party

Hello kids,

So for those of you who live in Geneva how bout popping over to Cirkus bar after work tonight for a jam or 10 – where I will kindly be DJing as a guest under my old project Indie Nation. You can find out more about the event here.

So you may remember my previous awe and admiration for the new Labyrinth Ear. Well they still havent given me a much anticipated album but they did do a lovely remix of a Morning Parade song which I will definitely jamming to tonight.

Here is Under the Stars

See you tonight



Song of the day: I fought the war

Hello kidos,

So last night I got my ears on this tune, and it took me about 10 seconds to know it was going to be keeper and a staple in my DJsets.
So I went to find out what it was and when I did there was no surprise there: Metric and MSTKRFT remix. That is very much a recipe for success, they have both been featured on Song of the day and both worth knowing intimately.

The song is actually even from back in 2009 and managed to get through my music nets uncaught but now that I have this beauty, I aint letting go!

Here is Monster Hospital

Now let’s play that again, and again and again.

Song of the day: All linked together

So yesterday I gave you Giselle’s Silk, and she led me to Flight Facilities as she collaborated with them to produce the big hit Crave You which they created a fabulous video for and then went along to be remixed by many famous DJs.

Turns out that today is Flight Facilities official worldwide release of their new single called Clair de La Lune featuring another angel-voiced woman Christine Hoberg

Well doesn’t that all just link together nicely.

Song of the day: it’s magic

Hello kids,

Big thank you to everyone who made it out last night. It was really fun to party with you. So we are back to our Featured Fridays. Today I feature a tune recommended to me by Nikos who has given us many great hits.

It’s flows beautifully from yesterday’s post cause it’s another Magician remix and I featured it last night in my set.

Here is Happiness by Sam Sparro, the Magician Remix.

Have a lovely weekend,
Jam you monday.


Song of the day: See you tonight

Hello kids,

So this is going to be SOTD express version as I am working my little DJ ass off to give you the best set for tonight.
(WOAAH new found respect DJs this is WORK if you want to do it properly)
Tonight? I hear you say. WHAT! You somehow missed this?
Well I better see you there. And I will be playing, among a million great tunes, this little gem

The Magician remix of Hollywood by RAC. Two artists that just fit each other like a glove – now all I am waiting for is a RAC remix of The Magician)

See you tonight, it’s going to be MMAAAAASSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIIIVEEEEE.

oh yes I went there.

Song of the day: One day baby we'll be old, think about the stories that we could have told

Hello kids,

So I asked for suggestions for Featured Friday and kindly I got loads from Ecstatic Eva. So actually she sent me quite a hot and controversial song.

The story goes like this: some unknown 24-year-old student of philosophy and politics that on the sides calls himself DJ Wankelmut takes an old song by Asaf Avidan called Reckoning Song or One Day, remixes it and uploads it on to his SoundCloud naming it in brackets “unmastered/unsigned”. And then, what happens is internet magic. People go nuts, view sky-rocket and the remix explodes into a viral victory. It shocks everyone, most of all the unknown non-big shot DJ himself, Jacob.

Now all that fame and hype and the fun didn’t last long, now he is in negotiations with Sony who own the rights to the song and he has had to take down the remix from his SoundCloud. But we hear there will be more to come from him, if he can match the mountainess expectations after this hit. Let’s see what there is to come.

But of course there is an odd version lying on youtube, so have a listen:

Dont forget James Murphy tonight (see last post).


I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day


Song of the day: Pack your bags, let's go

Dear song of the dayers,

Today I give you something a little different. Her name is Tina Dico and she is a big deal in Denmark.
The singer songwriter has now released eight albums this year, but however it took her collaboration with Zero 7 for me to come across her.

Zero 7 are a British duo that started in studio engineering but later gave us four fantastic albums, as well some fantastic remixes.

Their latest remix of Tina Dico’s Moon to Let has gotten positive attention reporting Zero 7 success in taking a happy ballady Coldplay kinda of easily digestible song,
and turned into something spectacular. I can do nothing else but agree. If I had listened only to the original I would have never given it a second lesson,
however I cannot stop playing the remix.

As they so beautifully merge electro/dub step with a ballad it was compared to the Boyz Noize Remix of Feist’s My Moon My Man (you may remember the Grizzly Bear Remix I gave you last week).

Anyways enough talking, get listening. The breaking point is at about 2:24 – that is some hot stuff.

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day