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Song of the day: All the lights go down as I crawl into the spaces

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Hello kids,

HUGE thank you to everyone who came to the event on Saturday.
I think it was safe to say that it was a huge success all thanks to all you loyal fans who came to support and brought down the place.
Thank you for those of you who turned up, for those of you who jumped and dance, those of you who screamed to the song and got up on chairs and tables.
I do apologize for the bar issues (I heard it took quite a while to get a drink) we going to look at other venues as well. If you have ideas/connections give us a shout.

So to give you back a memory of Saturday night here is the awesome The Naked and Famous who I adore.
I have already featured Young Blood, Girls like you and my favourite Frayed on SOTD.

But on Saturday this was the choice to get you hyped up (and I heard it worked).

Here is Punching in a dream:  

I recommend their entire Passive Me, Aggressive you album which is not only awesomely named but also awesomely sounding.

Jam on

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day


Song of the day: One more sleep to our event

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I am happy to announce that after about 5 hours of practising last night (I’m kinda tired today) I have the ultimate setlist for tomorrow night. I am excited – I hope you are too.

Remember spread the word and turn up to Cirkus Bar from about 9h30/10h where you will find all the goooood beats.

So let’s exit the week and groove into the weekend with some goooood beats, especially on such a sunny day.
But of course today is Featured Friday – so let’s put the light on great music contributor and a fellow DJ, Valiant Vedran!

Among many others, he has provided us with this hot tune by Battles called Atlas.

have a good stretch before Saturday

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

Song of the day: warm up to Saturday night's event

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Helllooooo kids!

Well I must be honest I am getting quite excited for our big event on Saturday.
Of course I am talking the blow up even that will be The Liberation by Indie Nation. Back to our favourite spot Cirkus Bar this Saturday night from 22h.

So why don’t you enjoy the day in Caves Ouvertes and then when you feeling sunny, tipsy and in a good groove mood – keep the good feeling by coming to jam to our favourite beats.
Of course there will be some awesome song of the day past tunes featured (of course filtered for feet tappers, hips swingers, body movers) and some brand new gems.

And so just to give you a taste – here is something given to me just the other day (props to Jean) which I have a strong suspicion is going to make the cut tonight as I create the ultimate setlist.

However DO NOT pay attention to the name Don’t Move by Phantogram

If you have requests you want me to remix in my set – send in your entries today (on the FB page) – I’ll try see if I can mix some of your jams in!

Keeping you groovy

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

Song of the Day – Sidetrack launches their EP this weekend

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 Hello song of the dayers,

As you know today is Featured Friday and I have something rather cool for you this week. So I am all about supporting local talented bands (such as BOY) and also my friends.
And this is a combination of both! Awesome Adam is part of a very cool four piece folk rock band called Sidetrack.

Sidetrack got formed back in 2007 in Nyon and since then they have become a pretty big deal in Switzerland. They have brought two albums and  made it on the Radio with “Goldrush” and “Can you sing” as well as some pretty heavy touring always in cute and trendy hidden places.

The best news is that they are starting their 2012 tour this Saturday, 22:00 at the Nemo Bar (Rue Jean-Violette 20, 1205 Geneva, Switzerland) to launch their EP ‘Oak’. They even have a big heart and are donating 20% of all CD sales to the ABCG ‘Forest Conservation’ Project

So why don’t you all go over and check out their groovy tunes and buy an album or two if you like them.

To give you a flavor here is the awesome ‘Afternoon Movie’ is also featured on their new EP “Oak”. 

(the cool guitarist with the checkered shirt is Adam!)

For more info you can go to their site

I’m going – why don’t you join me