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Song of the day: Been Better

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Hello kids,

Today I give you a Kyla La Grange, gothic pop singer-songwriter from Watford. Her dad is from Zimbabwe and her mother South African; they both left South Africa when her mother was pregnant to escape apartheid. Which I would argue was a good call. Having studied philosophy at Cambridge and admitting to being pessimistic and neurotic her songs are dark and personal. She is a big fan of Cat Power and her influences come through in her music. There is also a Florence and the Machine element, especially with her visuals being very earthy/pagan/mystical. Then of course, where would a critic be, without comparing a British female singer-songwriter to Kate Bush – especially after she used a red flappy dress.

Well that’s enough comparison for now. Let’s just give her her own space.

Here is Been Better

Lastly, Julia Stone anyone?



Song of the day: Introducing Jc Villafan

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Hello kidos,

Its Feature Fridays and I decided to feature someone a little different. His name JC Villafan. From LA. Age 21. And manager did a nice marketing story about him coming to Europe with a guitar in one hand and a bag in another.

This lovely singer songwriter has, what is essential, a fabulous voice full of emotion. So I’m happy to feature him and wish him all the best on his extensive tour. He’s also visiting high schools and universities across Europe to encourage students to pursue their ideal career. And for that, I got to give him serious props.

Here is You’re Not Alone which will also be the name of his upcoming second EP to be released in June.

He will be in the UK this month playing shows in Manchester, Liverpool, Harrogate, Leeds, Goole and London (Click here for the full calendar) so why don’t you pop by.

Song of the Day: I spy with my little eye

Hello kids,

So you may remember last week’s featured indie pop family Timshel – well I was going through their blog and each member did a top 5 of 2012. I skimmed through and recognized most names but I had never heard of one on Patrick’s list: Mikhael Paskalev.

Mikhael Paskalev

And what a fun discovery. Mikhael is a singer songwriter from Norway with half Bulgarian blood. He makes really fun folky rocky popy beats that get stuck in your head. He is also crazy. He released his first EP last year with two particularly catchy songs that became hugely popular all over Scandinavia last summer. In other words he did a Peter, Bjorn and John.

So with the two singles came to very popular video. You have a Tarantino-style-girl-dominatrix-burns-Mikhael-to-death video for Jive Babe. And she really is a babe.

But since I am one to easily get nightmares, I much prefer this Tom-Cruise-in-Risky-Business style video for I spy.

Personally I am always going to be a fan of pantsless dancing around your living room while destroying your Ikea furniture.
It’s a keeper.


Song of the day: Everything we touch turns into gold

Goooood Monday Morning,

Yes I know its hard. So just to ease you into the week I’m going to give you a very easily pleasurable tune. The very best of electro pop.

kate boy

So the name is Kate Boy and its a fun simple summation. You have Australian singer-songwriter Kate Akhurst + Swedish production trio Rocket Boy = voila, Kate Boy . And together they managed to do something quite impressive. A sound that is commercially pleasing yet complex, deep and yet very effective. Kate’s voice is at first introduced with some deep beats to get you going, then slowly a more and more complex mix gets added. And it continues, Kate having a turn, then the mix and slowly merging into one. And it builds till the end switching between sharp cutting sounds to bring the song to an end. Beautiful.

There is something upbeat yet calm. Something simple yet glamorous about it.
And with all the press it has gotten it seems they are indeed turning into gold.

Here is Northern Lights:

Their debut EP came out in Sweden last week released by IAMSOUND, and next is the UK on 11 Mar. But we hope to hear a lot more from them soon.

Song of the day: Pack your bags, let's go

Dear song of the dayers,

Today I give you something a little different. Her name is Tina Dico and she is a big deal in Denmark.
The singer songwriter has now released eight albums this year, but however it took her collaboration with Zero 7 for me to come across her.

Zero 7 are a British duo that started in studio engineering but later gave us four fantastic albums, as well some fantastic remixes.

Their latest remix of Tina Dico’s Moon to Let has gotten positive attention reporting Zero 7 success in taking a happy ballady Coldplay kinda of easily digestible song,
and turned into something spectacular. I can do nothing else but agree. If I had listened only to the original I would have never given it a second lesson,
however I cannot stop playing the remix.

As they so beautifully merge electro/dub step with a ballad it was compared to the Boyz Noize Remix of Feist’s My Moon My Man (you may remember the Grizzly Bear Remix I gave you last week).

Anyways enough talking, get listening. The breaking point is at about 2:24 – that is some hot stuff.

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

Song of the day: send us your inspiration

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Hello kids,

I’m starting to run out of inspiration for Feature Fridays – so please make sure to send some suggestion through. Don’t be shy.

For now we can always count on the regular suggestions of Dancing Dries.
This one is a little harder to dance to though.

Today we feature Blaudzun who is the alias of Dutch singer-songwriter Johannes Sigmond who released his third album Heavy Flowers early this year.

Listen to Flame on my head.

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day