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Song of the day: Been Better

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Hello kids,

Today I give you a Kyla La Grange, gothic pop singer-songwriter from Watford. Her dad is from Zimbabwe and her mother South African; they both left South Africa when her mother was pregnant to escape apartheid. Which I would argue was a good call. Having studied philosophy at Cambridge and admitting to being pessimistic and neurotic her songs are dark and personal. She is a big fan of Cat Power and her influences come through in her music. There is also a Florence and the Machine element, especially with her visuals being very earthy/pagan/mystical. Then of course, where would a critic be, without comparing a British female singer-songwriter to Kate Bush – especially after she used a red flappy dress.

Well that’s enough comparison for now. Let’s just give her her own space.

Here is Been Better

Lastly, Julia Stone anyone?



Song of the day: Manchester band inspired by South African evil spirits

Hello kids,

Well today I bring you a brand new band from Manchester. I was browsing around for some new music and I came across Tokolosh and that immediately caught my eye. As you should know by now, I lived in South Africa for a good 13 years and there a Tokolosh  is a dwarf-like evil water spirits that scares children and spread diseases and other bad such things. So when I heard it was a band of Brits I was rather shocked. I have no idea where they got the name from, nor do I know much more about them, apart from the fact they stole some members from The Whip and The Earlies apparently and are fronted by Liam Frost (which is another cool name).

But what I do know is I am a big fan of their single Shapeshifter and I am finding myself playing it on repeat.

Can’t wait to hear more from them soon.

Some Pretty Cool Song Of The Days From 2012

Hello kids,

So firstly as promised I will be continuing to add my song of the day to a Spotfiy playlist. But after the overwhelming size of the first 300 songs (1-300 MasMusic’s Song of the Day) and still rather large 100 to follow (301-400 MasMusic’s Song of the Day) I have decided to split the playlists monthly. So sorry for the delay, but as I said there was no internet in South Africa. Here is your December playlist:

And secondly you may remember my bitch about the impossibility of ranking songs and making ‘top/best’ playlists.Well my wonderful friends asked me to get over myself and get them a lovely playlist they can listen to remember the great musical moments of 2012. So I did. But not to have nightmares about the beautiful songs and artists I may have left out I named it Some pretty cool song of the days from 2012

It goes something like this:

Alt-j – Something Good
Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine?
Asaf Avidan & the Mojos – One Day/ Reckoning Song (Wankelmut Remix)
Bat for Lashes – Laura
Beach House – The Hours
C2c- Down The Road
Cat Power – Ruin
Citizens! – She Said
Daughter – Youth
Django Django – Default
Dum Dum Girls – Lord Knows
Father John Misty – Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
Grimes – Oblivion
Haim – Forever
Hot Chip – Flutes
Labyrinth Ear – Humble Bones
Lana Del Rey – Radio
M83 – Midnight City
Major Lazor – Get Free ft Amber of the Dirty Projectors
Miike Snow – Paddling Out
The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather
Of Monsters & Men – Little Talk
Peace – 1998 (Delicious)
Ra Ra Riot – Beta Love
Sam Sparro – Happiness the Magician Remix
Tailor – Wolf
Tame Impala – Why Won’t You Talk To Me?
Van She – Idea of Happiness
The XX – Reunion
Years & Years – I Wish I knew

Enjoy your tunes

Song of the day: Happy New Year

Hello kids,

Yes I know, I’m sorry, I went on a ten day unannounced hiatus. But I’m back and here to give you your daily dose of music. Hope the return to work was not too rough.

I have been working on quite a few things to bring to you this year but as I am still in South Africa for a few days, and the internet speed  is matching that of the stone age, it makes it difficult for me to do anything. Also Spotify doesn’t work properly so you will have to wait for your playlists. But I promise I have some good things in store by end of next week.

So lets open the New Year with a release I never got to last year. So the fantastic Crystal Castles (you should all know I’m not in love and Crimewave) from Toronto released their third album appropriately named (III) late last year. For this album, the dark electro duo put in a new rule: no computers in the studio and only one take per song (according to them the first is always the best). So what did that do to their sound? To me it’s even more cutting, chaotic and stressful sound than before. Their signature shrill sound is still there and so is all the synth. The lyrics are as dark as the sound. So I heard you ask – why would you listen to that? And that’s the mystery around Crystal Castles. The sounds are jagged and should pierce your ears with discomfort. But some how, some way Crystal Castles gels it together and leaves you no other choice than the jam to it.

But the good news is that Crystal Castles knows how to keep a good mix between happyish songs and aggressive ones.
So here is a sample of both

Happish: Affection

Aggressive: Wrath of God

Happy New Years everybody

Song of the day: What are we doing? Bitching.

Hello kids,

So today I give you Cat Power, you may have remember from the start of this year, I went to watch her in concert in Geneva and gave out  Living in barsWell the strong feline is back with a wonderful album this year called Sun (which is also a great song by Caribou).

I was… surprised…when I saw her. She has staccato stage moves, an inconsistent presence and even left the stage for a good 20 minutes in the middle of the set while people lightly strummed instruments and we all waited in confused impatience. A bizarre character she might be but you also see the music come out from underneath her. And this album proves that drug addiction or not she’s still got it.

Here is the wonderful Ruin, that piano intro and repetition is SO effective. The song is about people in rich countries being so incredibly prone to complaining about small things when there are people who hardly have anything to eat in poorer countries.  Unfortunately this is something that has been repeated so many times it has lost its impact on people. But it still hits me when she mentions Soweto which is in South Africa – a country I lived in for 13 years. Now living again in Europe I am amazed by the level of bitching and the contagiousness of this illness. There is something beautiful you can learn from African happiness. I think very few European laughs from the same depth or gives themselves such freedom to enjoy every moment. African laughter can sometimes be more beautiful than songs.

So don’t bitch, it’s the last work week before Christmas anyways.

Song of the day: I wish I knew better then I know now

Hello kids,

So you may know that I spend the better part of 13 years in South Africa so I have a very special spot in my heart for it, especially Cape Town. Every now and again some musical diamond appears and since it is rare it is something to rejoice and support – you may remember I put the lime light on Dear Reader and Goldfish not too long ago.

Now we have a new and AMAZING star emerging. Her name is Tailor and her debut album is called The Dark Horse which was released at the end of July. That half of Tailor’s debut album was written in a day is remarkable enough. That those songs spilt out of the Cape Town-based singer without any warning is as strange and striking as ‘The Dark Horse’ sounds.

She described the experience as follows:

As Tailor, it was my first time solo in a proper studio with a producer,” recalls the singer, who was first signed with a band at the age of 15. “I took what I thought were my twelve best songs, written over a few years. Just as we finished laying down the last one, I began playing about on my guitar and singing lyrics that seemed to sail in to my head. I didn’t even realize I had written a song until the producer asked me to play it again because he hadn’t hit record.”

“One by one, new tracks just flowed out of me. No one could believe I hadn’t prepared them. It was a bizarre, spiritual experience. I felt as though I had floated out of my body and was watching someone else. I learnt a lot about myself that day. I discovered a side to me I didn’t know was there.”

Whether that is the truth or some pretty marketing story to impress people – one thing is for sure – she is incredible. This is the most enchanting song I heard in a while and I LOVE THE VIDEO.

Here is Wolf

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

Song of the day: No one cares, what you do, what you say or what you wear

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Hello kids,

So since I got such positive feedback from Goldfish. Here is one more – one of my favourites.
Soundtracks and Comebacks.

I’m sure you have jammed to this before – and never knew it was South African.
So jam jam jam away some more to the jazzy afro sound.

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day