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This just in: The Strokes album release Comedown Machine

So I just got an email from The Strokes team and it clarifies all the questions from yesterday’s post.
The new album is called Comedown Machine.
It looks like this:

The strokes

And it will be released on the 25th of March in UK and the day after in the US. Of course you can preorder in the band’s store.

Then, One Way Trigger is confirmed to be part of the album but the first single to be released is the rumoured All the Time which should be on radio by valentine’s day (ooooh look at The Strokes getting soppy on us) and for download on the 19th of Feb.

So there’s your breaking news.
For now let’s listen to Julian’s crazy high falsetto again.


Song of the day: Gather and unite Indie fans – The New Strokes Song

Hello songers,

So there is a lot of oohing and aaahing about what is indie? Who is indie? and other such fights amongst indie-self proclaimed fans. But so far I have hardly ever argued on the fact that The Strokes are an iconic indie band (note: not saying the most important, relax).

So when on Friday The Strokes released their new single One Way Trigger on their site (download for free if you provide your email address) the indie fans united in taking notice. Now, ever since the much awaited release of the album Angles two years ago there has been a debate as to whether the music is as good as it was. For me Angles was a real grower and by now I have adapted to their new sound, so it only took me 2 listens to really get into this new song. Although there are plenty of people who disagree and don’t like it.

The song is very happy, jumpy, boopy and synthy – maybe more than the broody Strokes songs of the old days. Another shock is how the songs opens with nearly a minute of Julian’s school-boy falsetto. We are then reassured he still has his beautifully hangover dark moody voice on ‘you asked me to stay/ but there’s a million reasons to leave’, only to be followed by some higher falsetto. But thank goodness that does lead in iconic Strokes guitar riff (otherwise some fans maybe have thrown the imaginary record across the room). There is no doubt it sounds like The Strokes, just more high pitched, popppy and synthy. Still, I like.

How bout you just a listen and let me know what you think of One Way Trigger


According to Pitchfork  there is another single going around named All the Time from their soon to be released unnamed fifth album – but it seems only Seattle’s 107.7 The End has had a listen. Keep an ear out.

Song of the day: I fell in love at the seaside

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Hello kids,

Today we are talking about the legendary The Kooks.
They were part of the Indie (British) revolution era of The Strokes, Artic Monkeys, The Libertines building on work from The Clash.

It’s all the same kinda sound if you have a listen. And it’s your bread and butter of indie knowledge really.

So today I give you my favourite, even though a cliché (right after Naïve), Seaside.


Song of the day: No need to change me cause nothing's gonna save me

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Hello kids,

Thank you so much for all you rainproof fans who came and supported us last night.
We had lots of fun – and after the howls for one more song at 1h30 – we hope you did to.
Let us know what you liked and what you want more of. We will back with another Liberation night on the 12th of May.

So of course since it is Friday we will Feature a generous donor. Today we have Beaming Ben. He submitted the very cool alternative rock Belgium band called Ghinzu.

Here is Take it Easy:

This song particularly sounds so much like the Strokes. You hear it?

Enjoy your weekend,


First Liberation Night!! February 24th @ Petit Central – Lausanne

Glamorous Indie Rock’n’Roll is finally back in town!!!

Join us for a night of mighty Indie Rock @ Petit Central in Lausanne on Friday February 24th.

On the menu:

The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, Oasis, The Libertines, Adam Green, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Clash, Sex Pistols, Razorlight, The View, The White Stripes, The Verve, The Black Keys, Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Kasabian, Kings of Leon, Nirvana, The Subways, Joy Division, Radiohead, The Who, Jamaica, Justice, and many more to discover…

If you like any of the above and you miss a place in town where to free your inner sleeping rocking soul join us @ Petit Central!

Stay Tuned, more info to come

“If it’s illegal to rock and roll, throw my ass in jail!” – Kurt Cobain

Song of the day

Want a hot new indie rock band?

Well I just got the thing for you. Their name is HOWLER and they are from Minnesota. These guys just started up last year with an EP but they are exploding on the alternative scene. They are old school in rock n roll but fresh in age (with the frontman just being 19).  The repeating comment is that they sound (and even slightly look) like The Strokes – upsetting some of the latter’s fans. The fact that the UK label Rough Trade Records flew over to the States to sign them may have also added to this.  Either way I like them. A lot.

Their debut album  – America Give Up – came out just last month and its comes highly recommended by Indie Nation. However I must attest that there are clear fillers between the gems.

Here is their hot single Back of your neck.

Rock ‘n roll people