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Song of the day: See you tonight

Hello kids,

So this is going to be SOTD express version as I am working my little DJ ass off to give you the best set for tonight.
(WOAAH new found respect DJs this is WORK if you want to do it properly)
Tonight? I hear you say. WHAT! You somehow missed this?
Well I better see you there. And I will be playing, among a million great tunes, this little gem

The Magician remix of Hollywood by RAC. Two artists that just fit each other like a glove – now all I am waiting for is a RAC remix of The Magician)

See you tonight, it’s going to be MMAAAAASSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIIIVEEEEE.

oh yes I went there.


Song of the day goes on holiday

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Dear Song of the dayers,

So I am going on holiday for 3 weeks today. So you will be song of the day-less while I am away. Now, now hold back the tears.

However don’t worry I am not leaving you empty handed. A reminder of the 300 days of song of the day playlist. And because it’s a rather large playlist – I have started creating a new playlist and uploading all the songs since then.


So how bout you use the break to catch up on some great singles you may have missed.

And of course my holiday includes a serious focus on music – so I will be at Heineken Open’er in Poland enjoying one of the best line ups in Europe this summer. I hope those of you who stay in Geneva enjoy Paleo and Montreux. I’ll be back with some great tunes.

So I leave you with a happy clappy tune to set off on a good note. Its Passion Pit Remix AGAIN (sorry I really am obsessed).

It also comes from Gotye – which you will remember from Somebody that I use to know (if you didn’t catch that you are definitely not on FB cause that video exploded)

Here is Learnalilgivinanlovin

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

Song of the day

Hi everyone,

Its DDay and Indie Nation is very excited for tonight. Our dj mixes are ready for you to jam to. If you can make it – come support us tonight at Le P’tit Central – Lausanne.

Here is just a taste of the good things to come.

This band is called Starf*cker (not sure where they are going with that but hey) and this is a great song called


As always giving you tunes to jam to


Song of the day

So we are really excited for our first event. And we hope you are too.

And to give you an idea of what tunes we will be playing, this is an example of our bread and butter jams.

Here is Tribulations  by LCD Soundsystem. Classic jam – effective dance starter.