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Song of the day: I could never love you, in spite of everything

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Hello kids,

So as the build up to the new Vampire Weekend album Modern Vampires of the City continues to grow they decided to throw a third song release in the mix. They have released it accompanied by a lyrical video of whole bunch of people clad in white sheets on a rooftop opening champagne bottles and spraying them around (which is a slightly disturbing visual for me, once having had this done in my flat spraying all my things and guests).

Although traditionally this is a symbol of celebrating happy moments there are rather depressive lyrics thrown on the screen about no one loving you, no matter how much you love everything. Oh well you got to love Vampire’s play with irony and gutsy title choice: Ya hey – only the reverse of the popular Hey ya. And the finale that goes from squeaky rubbery toys sounds to a grand almost church music ending. Oh I love these guys. Just a few more days.

So Ya Hey away



Song of the day: Gloves are off, the wisdom teeth are out

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Hello kids,

It’s Monday and you are feeling miserable but the good news is I have been keeping some wonderful secret from you for a whole week just so I could cheer you up with it today. Vampire Weekend released their first double  A-side single Monday last week from their third album Modern Vampires of the City which will be released on the 7th of May.

I adore Vampire Weekend, and have heavily abused both of their previous albums in the 3 year wait to this release. I’m happy to say that both the songs have the distinct Vampire Weekend feel – especially Step vs Diane Young. This has caused Step to be the critics favourite. It creates a more mature, cinematic, park strolling type of sound. It’s a beautiful progression from the introduction that was the self-title debut, to the fun and busy Contra, and now Modern Vampires of the City. Just like Contra seemed to have been set in India, Modern Vampires sounds like its set between medieval times and black and white films.

Why don’t you have a listen to both and let me know you’re verdict:


Diane Young

Song of the day: Baby how you suck my blood

Hello kids,

So continuing from yesterday long charts ramble I found yet another band that falls in the same category as Palma Violets. Peace are new, they are British, there is a lot of people raving about them and they are being coined as the future of indie.

I must say I have been listening them non stop and I am quite excited about them myself, they mix all the sounds I love. Their first release was Bblood which was then polished and rerecorded as Bloodshake. Everyone was screaming FOALS at this time and for good reasons. Listen to Black Gold and you’ll hear it. Then came their EP named EP Delicious and with it came comparisons to The Maccabees, WU LYF and Vampire Weekend (all fantastic bands). Well all of this positive press got them to tour with bands such as the Mystery Jets and The Vaccines. So let’s just say they are doing very well.

To top the year NME put Follow Baby at their 47 and Bloodshakes at 43  and California Daze at 13 of their top 50 Best Tracks of 2012.

Myself, I’m a huge fan of 1998 (Delicious) 10 minutes of beauty.

I will definitely be looking out for these guys!

Song of the day: The devil will want you back

Hello kids,

So yes it’s about time I start acknowledging the new Two Door Cinema Club album Beacon, cause technically they still are indie I guess. Irish version of PhoenixmeetsVampireWeekend really exploded with their debut album back in 2010, and the second album is taking them from strength to strength.

This is what I call very easily digestible indie, so all of you should give it a listen and love it.

I wanted to give you Wake Up but it got taken down all over youtube. So here is Handshake instead.

There’s even some Passion Pit in there.

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

Song of the day: I just don't know what to do

Hello kids,

So I’ve been giving you loads of new, hot of the tracks tunes. Now let’s also catch you up with some tracks that may have passed right by you unnoticed and unheard in 2009.

This is a weird and wonderful song I love to run to its called So Insane and the band is Discovery.
They are indie, they are rock, they are electronic. And they are American – no one’s perfect.

But the reason you know that they are brilliant is because you have Rostam Batamaglij keyboardist from Vampire Weekend (big love) and Wesley Miles the vocalist from Ra Ra Riot (more love).

How can you go wrong.


I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

Song of the day: Mash and Potatoes

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Hello kids,

So guess what it is back to Feature Friday. And today I feature again my favourite Puki Potato.  And we even have a double treat for you – as they fit quite nicely together.

His first suggestion was Cloud Control and their  awesome There’s nothing in the water we can’t fight

This Australian band needs further compliments than to mention some of the bands they have toured with: Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend, Temper Trap and Local Natives. That’s enough for me to know they are awesome.

Then his second suggestion is from The Lumineers and their single Ho Hey. The comment that was made is that there is a common note and style between the two and I can’t disagree. However this American band are more on the folk spectrum of Cloud Control’s alternative rock. They have not yet toured with such impressive artists – but since they only released their first self-titled album a little over a month ago – I think they have big things to come. So keep an eye out for them.

Enjoy the jams


I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day