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This just in: The Strokes album release Comedown Machine

So I just got an email from The Strokes team and it clarifies all the questions from yesterday’s post.
The new album is called Comedown Machine.
It looks like this:

The strokes

And it will be released on the 25th of March in UK and the day after in the US. Of course you can preorder in the band’s store.

Then, One Way Trigger is confirmed to be part of the album but the first single to be released is the rumoured All the Time which should be on radio by valentine’s day (ooooh look at The Strokes getting soppy on us) and for download on the 19th of Feb.

So there’s your breaking news.
For now let’s listen to Julian’s crazy high falsetto again.


Song of the day: Happy New Year

Hello kids,

Yes I know, I’m sorry, I went on a ten day unannounced hiatus. But I’m back and here to give you your daily dose of music. Hope the return to work was not too rough.

I have been working on quite a few things to bring to you this year but as I am still in South Africa for a few days, and the internet speed  is matching that of the stone age, it makes it difficult for me to do anything. Also Spotify doesn’t work properly so you will have to wait for your playlists. But I promise I have some good things in store by end of next week.

So lets open the New Year with a release I never got to last year. So the fantastic Crystal Castles (you should all know I’m not in love and Crimewave) from Toronto released their third album appropriately named (III) late last year. For this album, the dark electro duo put in a new rule: no computers in the studio and only one take per song (according to them the first is always the best). So what did that do to their sound? To me it’s even more cutting, chaotic and stressful sound than before. Their signature shrill sound is still there and so is all the synth. The lyrics are as dark as the sound. So I heard you ask – why would you listen to that? And that’s the mystery around Crystal Castles. The sounds are jagged and should pierce your ears with discomfort. But some how, some way Crystal Castles gels it together and leaves you no other choice than the jam to it.

But the good news is that Crystal Castles knows how to keep a good mix between happyish songs and aggressive ones.
So here is a sample of both

Happish: Affection

Aggressive: Wrath of God

Happy New Years everybody

Song of the day: Psycho killer teen dream action film

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Hello kids,

So yesterday I gave you the new tune in preview of the release of the XX’s highly exciting second album.
Today I do a similar thing for Bloc Party’s long anticipated 4th album called Four.

As I mentioned in my review, I heard a couple of snippets at Heineken Open’er in Poland earlier this month and I loved what I heard.

So I give you the first released single in wait for 20th of August when we get to hear the whole thing.

Here is Octopus

I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day

Song of the day: With words unspoken, a silent devotion

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Hello kids,

So as I mentioned I was privileged to hear snippets from the upcoming second album of the XX.
They have now released their official first single Angels.

This is not my favourite from the previews they gave us at Heineken Open’er Festival of the new work to come, but still a wonderful track.
Calm, simple yet enchanting this single is bound to continue to create a hype and fascination about this unique band.

So here it is. Hold your breath for the full album release Coexist on the 10th of September.


I wish I could make a soundtrack to my life and breathe in the notes every day