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Song of the day: Arcade Fire wows with Reflektor

Hello kids,

So I wasn’t even going to write today. But then Arcade Fire released the Reflektor website – and how could I not. So Arcade Fire are certainly not new to very innovative breakthrough videos to take the themes behind their albums to another level – they have already proved what they can do with Neon Bible and The Wilderness Downtown.

Now to launch their much awaited album, they have released a website that interacts with your phone/tablet or mouse. It’s all just very complicated to explain and just much easier if you go online and do it (make sure you use Google Chrome). The video follows a young woman trying to escape her reflections in wild Haiti and you get pulled into her world as she tries to break free.

Here is a trailer. And here is my reflection in the video. Have fun with it.


The full album (with confirmed James Murphy collaboration and rumoured David Bowie) is out on October 29, counting down the days.

Quick update, Arcade Fire also released a normal music video an hour ago. Enjoy.


Song of the day: Arctic Monkeys did it again

Hello kidos,

So yesterday I just took the day out to selfishly indulge in the new Arctic Monkeys‘ album AM– you can stream the full thing on Itunes before it gets released 10th September. I haven’t written about the new singles until now because, well it’s not like you don’t know about them already. But such greatness cannot be ignored. After a whole day of listening I think this 5th album may turn into my favourite.

The Monkeys were always one step ahead and execute it all so bloody well from day one. Strength to strength the whole of England has watch them grow and adored them. Somewhat representing an entire age group’s culture movement for a country is no small task to put on a band yet they have never buckled. The sound is getting darker, more alluring, more flirtatious while stepping back at the perfect moment to make you want to listen it again and again and again. Alex’s lyrics are spot on, his falsetto very impressive and the entire sound tight as a tick. The influences are growing as their confidence does and the sound matures into perfection.

Here is their latest video for the third single – Why do you only call me when you’re high?

My favourite is right at the end “Alex band guy”

Song of the day: What A Shame

Hello kids,

Yesterday I met the manager of The Strypes (and another major music icon) and I was ashamed not to have covered this hot buzzing new band. These Irish kids (literally kids, we talking 15-17 years old) from Cavan wowed everyone by self-producing and released a blues cover EP last year that surprisingly went to No1 in the Blues Itunes Chart. The labels came running shortly afterwards, and after a little war (which is not common these days), they signed to Mercury Records and also Rocket Music Management (owned by Sir Elton John who also popped by a gig in Brighton to see what all the fuss was about).

I must admit my first reaction watching their video, I found them…adorable. Not only are they young, but they look younger. And all dressed up in suits and glasses (The Beatles comparison is done on purpose – huge fans) it kind of reminds me of a little girl wearing her mother’s heels and make up. But then Ross Farrely (who is still finishing school) belts out a great big rock voice – and the rest of the troop follows solid and uber fast on their instruments – and you go wooooah, this is for real. These are no ordinary teenagers. And they are not – their influences are big blues stars of the 60s whose sound they tried to replicate from the age of 14 in their rooms – is not your typical instagraming-obsessed teenager.

Now let us see how they deal with the roar of buzz going around them at such an early and fragile state of their career.  Please just do me a favour and do not use the title ‘the new band to come and save good old rock’n’roll music’ – cause I’ve heard that about 100 bands in the last two years.
Here is What A Shame.


Song of the day: Dream to sleep out in the dark

Hello kids,

So let’s wake you up on Monday with some rocking psychedelic music. Pond is the name of the Australian band – and when I say band I mean just a collaboration of different people throwing what they can at different times in a large musical, well, pond. If the dreamy elements remind you of a certain shoe-gazing Tame Impala – then you would have a sharp ear – cause 2 or 3 of their members have been contributing.

Here is the first single, Giant Tortoise, off their new album Hobo Rocket released last month. The lyrics, in true Tame Impala style, are hard to decipher and brief – but who cares when you have such rocking guitars.


Song of the day: There’s a lot you need to share on the phone

Hello songers,

Well a lil while ago I told you about the fabulous find that was Husbands. I have listened to their self titled EP about a hundred times since then and I am still impressed. I just cant wait for them to release more music or for them to gain the respect they deserve. In the meanwhile today I saw a video about the over use of cellphones in our lives and it made me think of their aptly named song: You, Me, Celephones.

This cheeky song has now released a cheeky video to go with it. What more can you ask than synchronised swimming and bold typography.

The french really do electro best.

Song of the day: On/Hot/On/Chip

Hello songers,

Well its quite cool when a great band does a cover of a greater band and it doesnt sound like the same song + monkey bashing a tambourine. Well that is the case this morning. Both previously featured On an On did a cover of Hot Chip‘s song And I Was  A Boy From School.

They just through in some more electro (as if Hot Chip was lacking some) and juggled some Maracas (no tambourine – it’s in the detail) and tah dah. I know the formula doesn’t sound great but I really like the outcome. So just listen already.

Song of the day: Introducing The Outs

Hello kids,

Sometimes the internet still amazes me – like when I get contacted by a Brazilian vintage rock band. And hell they are rocking so why not cover them on Featured Fridays. They are called The Outs and they released the video for their new single Right Or Wrong on Wednesday.

Another fun fact is  they were crowned winners of a 2008 contest judging Oasis cover songs. Their version of ‘Bag It Up’ took first prize in this competition and led Noel Gallagher to stating that they really ‘got to the heart of the track’. Well hell – what else is there to say.